Transforming Your Patio With Plants


We all love a great before-and-after shot, right? Our editorial director Caitlin has been renting her home for the past year and had not given her patio an ounce of attention. She knew it was time to make the most of her outdoor space — without investing too much time or money. With a little help from Home Depot, she gave her space a big makeover — you can see all the details here — and then really transformed it with plants! With the help of Southern Living garden expert Carmen Johnston, she used container gardens to add color and life to her patio. (The best part about this décor? If you move, you can just bring the pots along to your next home!)

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Photography: Sweet Tea Photography
Design: Carmen Johnston
Plants: Southern Living Collection grown locally by Bell Nursery and available at Home Depot

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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