Style At Home: Jaclyn Lee

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Style at Home: Jaclyn Lee

Meet Jaclyn Lee, a 27-year-old graphic designer working for Sincerely by day and freelancing by night. When Jaclyn laid eyes on her classic Victorian flat, it was love at first sight. The gorgeous details and impeccable light were too perfect to pass up — and a year and a half later, she’s still loving it! A charming mix of mid-century vintage, modern infusions and many a personal touch, Jaclyn’s San Francisco abode is one we’re so happy to share with you today!
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  • What was your main goal when decorating your home?
    As a graphic designer, I am passionate about visual storytelling, whether in designing a brand’s identity, developing marketing collateral for the web, creating invitations or decorating my home! l can’t help but allow my love for color, pattern and typography to seep into my everyday life. I spend my days as a full-time designer at Sincerely, a mobile gifting start-up, and my nights freelancing at Designed By Jaclyn. When decorating our flat, it was important to me that it be a place to feel relaxed and inspired, as well as a reflection of us.

  • Vintage Mid-Century Modern Chair // West Elm Organic Metallic Rimmed Mug // Ikea Pillow
    “We were lucky to acquire this mid-century modern chair frame from my boyfriend’s family. To make it functional, I sewed a cushion out of duck cloth and added a contrasting wooden board for the seat.”

  • What is your favorite room in your apartment?
    My favorite room in our flat is the living room with its detailed fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in gorgeous light, even on foggy San Francisco mornings! It’s the place we go to relax on quiet days or gather with friends.


  • Where are your favorite places to buy home décor?
    West Elm and Ikea are go-to favorites for new pieces since they both have modern, contemporary furnishings. We also love filling our space with DIY, vintage and found pieces that evoke memories or have unique characteristics, like our DIY pillows and large black-and-white engineer print of a summer weekend hanging in our dining room.

  • How would you describe your style?
    My interior design style is a mix of mid-century vintage, DIY and playful touches. I love the simplicity of neutrals — while also incorporating textures, bright colors and patterns.

  • “These floating picture ledges from Ikea were a perfect fit for this bedroom wall. We rotate the artwork in the frames pretty frequently as a way to change the feel of the bedroom. Right now, our shelves are filled with airy, summery images pulled from catalogs and personal photos.”

  • What can’t you live without in your home?
    Good company, my MacBook and a wedge of Brie in the fridge! Good company because even if a space is decorated perfectly, it isn’t complete without people. My MacBook because as a designer, this is key to executing ideas. And a wedge of Brie because cheese always makes things better, right?

  • How do you sparkle?
    By being able to pursue a creative life. I feel extremely lucky to do what I love every day.

  • Meghan

    Lovely home! I was wondering if the “Live in the Sunshine” picture us one of your own designs? I absolutely love it and was hoping I could get one somewhere!

    • Jaclyn

      Thanks Meghan! The “Live in the Sunshine” image is actually a page from an old Madewell catalog! I loved the type and imagery that I just had to use it as art :)!

  • Ashley

    Where are your large black and white photos from? Love them!

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