Little Gem: Jacquelyn Kazas’ Nursery

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Little Gem: Jacquelyn Bettencourt's Nursery

Co-founder of Beijos Events Jacquelyn Kazas had always imagined decorating a little girl’s nursery — so when she discovered that she was having a boy, she quickly had to switch gears! Her husband helped add new hardwood floors, wallpaper, baseboards and crown molding to create the perfect room for their little man! We couldn’t be more smitten with Mister Court’s treasure trove of a nursery — and we especially couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Photography: Megan Welker

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  • What was your inspiration for the nursery design?
    The inspiration was where we live: the beautiful state of California. My husband and I were both raised in Northern California (where our family still lives), but we now live in Southern California. We really wanted to showcase what all of California has to offer. We have a map of one of our favorite cities, San Francisco; landscape photos of Yosemite and Monterey and a large map of California that showcases all of the famous surf spots along the coast. This is perfect for us because my husband is an avid surfer. I was also inspired by the natural elements of our coastline, which led to my color choices of indigo with neutral shades of grey and white, as well as wood textures. Some of the first pieces I purchased for his room were the crib, indigo rug and grey arrowhead wallpaper. These items really helped to get the ball rolling in terms of the direction in which I wanted to go.

  • Serena & Lily Crib Bedding

  • What is your favorite part of the room?
    All of the personal and sentimental aspects we added. Court received as a hand-me-down my rocking horse, which my Uncle Jack made for me when I was a kid. We also have photos of our black lab Dolly hanging on the wall, and photos of my husband playing soccer when he was young. Then there are the little touches, like blankets that family and friends made for us and booties that my grandmother knit for Court. All of those touches are so personal and add so much to his room. I also love that he LOVES to be in his room and hang out. It makes me proud that I designed a space he is happy in.

  • Dot & Bo Rocking Chair

  • What was the biggest challenge when it came to designing the room?
    One challenge was designing a room for a boy! I had been convinced that I was having a girl and had so many ideas for a baby girl’s nursery — so switching to a boy’s room was a challenge. People tend to think there are much cuter things for baby girls out there, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much great boys’ stuff there is! This led to my next challenge: narrowing down my choices! I enlisted the help of my friends and partners Abby & Leah to help me choose between what was essential to the room and what I didn’t need. Sometimes it helps to have second opinions, especially if you are being indecisive.

  • Urban Outfitters Faceted Side Table

  • Can you give one piece of advice for new moms decorating a nursery?
    Something I was unprepared for after having Court was how much laundry you have to do! So I would say, be sure to have lots of swaddles and multiples of crib sheets and changing table covers — things like that. Also, have fun with it and make it a joint effort with your husband. I kind of took the lead on Court’s nursery, but my husband had lots of great ideas as well, and it was fun to collaborate with him on it. We both worked really hard, and we can say that we made a special place for our son together.

  • What has been the best part of being a mom so far?
    I love seeing the joy that Court has brought to our families — everyone is so happy whenever they are around him. I also love seeing him change and grow. Each day he does something new, and I’m excited to see and experience life through his eyes.

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