Beat The Heat With Romantic Summer Hairstyles

[tps_header]Anyone with hair that has ever surpassed chin length knows how miserable summer can be with longer locks. A simple top knot always provides some relief from sweaty tresses, but what about when you’re looking for a more exciting up-do? We recommend trying one of these simple and romantic hairstyles that Melanie of LaBelleMel is sharing with us today! With three pretty pulled-up styles to choose from, you’ll be one step closer to staying cool, comfy and stylish during the next heat wave![/tps_header]
French-Braided Bun:
1. Do a dutch french braid (a braid that is braided under vs. over) starting from one temple and braiding down the length of your hair.
2. Wrap your braids toward the middle of your head and pin down.
3. Tuck the rest of your hair into the braided strand and pin down, securing completely.

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