Expert Packing Advice From Jacey Of Damsel In Dior

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Expert Packing Advice From Jacey Of Damsel In Dior

If there’s one thing that encompasses an air of stylish sophistication, it’s traveling the world — in theory. But between long flights, minimized beauty routines (thanks, 3 oz. bottles) and reduced wardrobe space, efficient packing is no small feat! Relaxing vacations and stress-free style may not go hand-in-hand, but luckily, one of our favorite bloggers — travel addict Jacey of Damsel in Dior — is an expert in sidestepping travel woes. Read on to learn her five most valuable packing tips!

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  • Always pack the “Three S’s” for the plane ride: Snacks, Sweets and a Stylish Read!

  • Wear flats when trotting around the airport. If you want to arrive in style, put your heels in your carry-on and make a quick switch in the taxi.

  • Purchasing TSA-approved liquids is worth the investment. There’s nothing worse than getting your toiletries taken away!

  • Water is your best friend when traveling (especially overseas). I guzzle it — not only to keep my skin and body hydrated, but also to decrease puffiness.

  • For summer travel, dresses are the easiest and most versatile piece of clothing you can pack.

  • Christina

    Can you list the products that she selects? I can only read a few of the labels! Great article with nice tips! Thanks!!

  • Faith

    I found this post soooooo useful! Where is the travel organizer of the first photo from?

  • amandacsater

    Great article! Love all of the packing tips.

    xo Amanda

  • BB

    ‘Expert’ traveling tips? It’s common sense – duh, pack water, wear comfortable shoes, and wear a dress. Seriously!?

    • Ghazaleh Kermaani

      Well, she does travel A LOT. I’ve seen on her mention on instagram using only a handful of pieces to make several outfits. I would have liked to see more of that, but still found this useful.

  • denise

    Yes products list PLEASE !!

  • denise

    Also LOVE the sandals but can’t read brand name


    where is the clutch from image 3/5 from please ?

  • Bpmonkey

    Seriously?! I can’t believe I wasted time with this article. No substance whatsoever !! Between this and the oudated technology links…. Just lost a subscriber.

  • Andy

    pretty pictures, not a lot of substance. Nothing new learned here.

  • Liz

    here’s a link to the sandals:

    sometimes i get distracted at work 😉

  • Carolina Crafty

    Never thought about some of these tips! Def going to keep this in mind!

  • Sophia Charles

    so helpful! and that dress is gorgeous!


  • The Single Diaries

    Great reminders! I just finally learned that about dresses (who’da thunk!).


  • Jessica

    She always has the cutest travel outfits! Simple and comfortable but so stylish!

  • Lanas Art Studio lanasart

    Thank you! I found it is a great advices for packing for trip! I travel a lot lately and always have problem with hydration:( so this is a great advice to take it for a future! Repacking as we speak :)

  • Fallon Carmichael

    Great tips!

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  • Ally

    This was not very helpful. I feel that most of us already know these things. Wish th re was a little more depth and specifics here, sorry glitter guide but I do love most of your other articles!

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