Shop Talk: Socialite Auctions

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Shop Talk: Socialite Auctions

Amanda Jungman knows a thing or two about shopping. This fashionista has brought her love of designer clothes and quality styles to the masses through her lovely L.A. consignment shop, Socialite Auctions. For years Amanda has been selling vintage and rare items from the most stylish closets around the world — and now she’s sharing her secrets for filling your own wardrobe with high-quality, beautiful items!

Photography: Saretta Jimenez

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  • Tell us what inspired you to start Socialite Auctions.
    I always loved the thrill of shopping vintage stores in Austin before moving to Los Angeles. I appreciated the concept of these stores and wanted to take it to a more luxurious experience for women who were constantly updating their wardrobe. Many of them were donating their used Chanel and Prada to Goodwill. I knew they could make money by selling their unwanted items, so I created Socialite Auctions. I also wanted to reach the women who appreciated high fashion but didn’t have the budget to shop for their favorite lines at Neiman Marcus or Saks.

  • What is the concept behind your company?
    We believe wardrobes should be treated like an investment, and that everyone should buy pieces that they love and that will retain value. We like to educate our consignors about which designers will do best on the resale market so that they can reinvest in their wardrobe each season. For example, a Michael Kors dress can rival the cost of Oscar de la Renta, but Oscar has a higher resale value.

  • Where do you find the items to sell on Socialite Auctions?
    We edit the closets of actresses, stylists and socialites worldwide. Our clients find us through word of mouth. We are very lucky to have exceptional consignors and customers that appreciate luxury as much as we do.

  • What has been your most exciting find so far?
    I once received a shipment of vintage Chanel from a former ballerina who’s now in her eighties. She worked at Chanel after retiring in the 1960’s from a 20+ year career as a professional ballerina. She even kept the original fabric swatches and spare buttons that accompanied the Chanel suits.

  • How would you describe your personal style?
    Modern classic with an edgy elegance for evening.

  • What has been your favorite moment so far since launching your company?
    Editing the closets of fashionable people featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

  • What makes Socialite Auctions stand out from other consignment shops in L.A.?
    We provide a luxury experience for consigning your wardrobe, turning a mundane task into something far more enjoyable. Our clients often end up sharing memories of why and where they picked up particular pieces. Every closet is filled with stories.

  • What’s your fashion philosophy?
    My philosophy about fashion is don’t buy; invest. Investing isn’t just about the dollar amount — it’s about quality. It’s about pieces that are relevant now that will also hold their relevance or value five years from now.



  • Any advice for those who want to start consignment shopping?
    Shopping consignment is the ultimate luxury to me because you can find rare vintage pieces or runway pieces from last season at a fraction of the cost. You do have to do your homework by staying on top of fashion and reading Harper’s Bazaar each month, window shopping online at Net-A-Porter and trying on your favorite lines at Barneys so you learn your size. But once you have that down, you can create a wardrobe that you may have only dreamed about previously. If you do the legwork, you can have a closet filled with Lanvin, J. Mendel and Fendi instead of the disposable fashion we sometimes get tricked into buying.

  • How do you sparkle?
    There is nothing I love more than going into a new closet! I love seeing the excitement in my clients’ faces when they show me the special pieces they have collected through the years. I collect special pieces, too, so I understand how a handbag or a dress is so much more than the sum of its parts.

  • Heloísa Paiva

    Great books! Love Grace Kelly!

    Helô, from Vestido do dia

    • Socialite Auctions

      Thank you! I just love her style.

  • Sweet & Spark

    Go Amanda! Love the pictures and your perspective on luxury goods.
    Less is more :)

    • Socialite Auctions

      Thank you @sweetnspark:disqus ! xoxo

  • Nicole Longstreath

    What an inspiring business! I love that it’s sustainable and chic, all rolled into one!

    • Socialite Auctions

      Thank you @theWardrobeCode:disqus! It’s a chic and easy way to offset the environmental impacts of the garment industry.

  • Raquel Lynn

    Great style and business profile. I love those horse head lamps.

    • Socialite Auctions

      Thank you @raquellynn:disqus! The horse head lamps were an amazing eBay find!

  • Gross

    Kind of gross that these women were ‘giving their Chanel and Prada’ to Goodwill and this…person talked them out of it. God forbid the money from those clothes go to charity.

    • Socialite Auctions

      We are very lucky to have consignors who are also philanthropists and many of them serve on boards benefiting large charities throughout the US. We support our local Goodwill and the Council Thrift Shops in Los Angeles by donating many of our consignors unsold items for them at the end of their consignment period. The money and time my consignors donate to charities far outweighs the Chanel they may have donated to Goodwill which wouldn’t have garnered a profit anywhere near their worth.

  • The Single Diaries

    Love Amanda’s fashion philosophy! I think it’s so great that we do have stories about our special pieces… I think it would be great for consignment companies to start including at least a glimpse into those stories when an item is purchased.

    Catherine | The Single Diaries
    Cleaning Out Your Closet (And Shopping Your Own Wardrobe)… even if you don’t have one full of Lanvin!

    • Socialite Auctions

      I often share stories with our customers about the special pieces they have purchased. Many of them have asked me to relay to the owners that their dress/bag/shoes are going to a good home. I think it’s endearing!

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