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If there’s one thing the Glitter Guide team knows about entertaining, it’s that a party just isn’t a party without a little bubbly! Whether we’re attending fun events, flipping through magazines or scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, we’re always admiring the many gorgeous varieties of champagne glass shapes and styles. Champagne glasses might as well be part of the event décor — but there arefew things to know before you start your hunt for the prettiest stemware! Choosing the right look is certainly important, but details like stems and bowl designs don’t just change the appearance of a glass — they can influence a sparkling wine’s temperature, aroma and fizziness (all important elements of its flavor!). To aid in your champagne glass shopping, we’ve compiled some tips for choosing the right vessel — and a few favorites of each style — to ensure you have the best bubbly experience possible!

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Flutes are probably the first glasses that come to mind when you think of champagne; they’re classic, elegant and functional. A stemmed glass means your bubbly stays cold while you hold it, no matter how warm your hands are — and a narrow bowl is the best way to preserve carbonation.

Expect to see these in a variety of shapes (trumpet, bowl and straight) and stem lengths. Flutes are the ideal champagne glass for fully appreciating a wine’s bouquet and aroma, and their shape is well-suited to the milder carbonation found in dry wines and lambic beers.

Simplicity Flute, CB2 ($3.95)

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