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Inspired by the ways that love had transformed her life and everyone around her, Lara Casey began brainstorming a whirlwind of creative ideas. She successfully launched Southern Weddings Magazine soon after! From that endeavor stemmed her second business, the Lara Casey Shop—stocked with products to help inspire women in their daily lives. Lara spoke with us about her amazing start, her advice for success and, of course, her super gorgeous office!

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By: Carly Hill

Photography: Faith Teasley Photography[/tps_header]

What gave you the idea to launch Southern Weddings?
Ten years ago, right after college graduation, I made the decision to leave the path everyone thought I would take. Not knowing what I was going to do to pay off my college debt or pay my bills, I left theatre and became a personal trainer in New York. I was tired of auditioning for my life. I wanted to help people transform themselves from the inside out. Fast-forward to two years later when my family’s home was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan, my brother lost the ability to walk in a snowboarding accident and I, fresh out of a failed relationship, had left New York and moved in with my very disappointed and depressed parents.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, a tall, dark and handsome Navy gent walked up to me in the gym and introduced himself. Ari was the first person to make me feel loved, not despite my flaws but with them. Shortly after we started dating, my brother began to walk—a true miracle. My mom, a French chef, got back in the kitchen, and my dad started to smile again. I started to believe in true love. Little did I know that I would fall in love with Ari and we would be married just five months later (in Vegas, but that’s another story!). I started a little event planning company and also fell in love with the world of weddings. On our one-year wedding anniversary, Ari was deployed to Iraq. I was so afraid for him and needed something to keep my mind occupied.

I often found myself dreaming of pretty things. And then one night, I found myself on my thirteen-inch PC, mocking up a wedding magazine cover.

The next night, I played with it again.
The next night, I started to dream up photo shoots.
The next night, I looked up domain names.
The next night, I decided I was nuts, but I emailed some friends about doing a photo shoot. They thought I was nuts, too.

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Author: Carly Hill

Raised in Northern Michigan, she now lives in NYC and splits her time working in social media, being a GG editor & exploring the city for the next best meal! Follow on Instagram

  • It’s great to read that Lara gardens as a way to relax. In the future, I hope to maintain my own garden. I’ve been looking at different types of planners, some with goal setting sheets and I’ve noticed that Lara has a “powersheets” notebook, how exciting! Can’t wait for the 2015 version to release.

  • I LOVE Lara Casey! I bought her Powersheets this past summer and I can’t wait to finally start using them! I look up to her a lot and her philosophy on life and how she keeps God in the center of how she lives and works. Thank you for featuring her!

  • she is definitely one of my favorite online personalities. She represents all that I strive for, grace not perfection. Thank you Glitter Guide for profiling Lara!

  • I have read Lara and the SW story a few times and it never ceases to motivate me in my work and my relationship. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

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