Lulie Wallace’s Colorful Launch Party


Artist Lulie Wallace—who positively exudes southern charm—recently threw a launch party for her latest tablescape paintings and new fabric collection at the charming Mixson Bath & Racquet Club. Close friends came for a sit-down dinner to enjoy bright florals, delicious food and, most importantly, Lulie’s beautiful artwork! Lulie shared a behind-the-scenes look at this fun launch party, along with some wonderful tips for visiting Charleston!

Photographer: Minette Hand
Venue and Food: Mixson Bath & Racquet Club
Flowers: Stems
Dress: Cynthia Rowley
Necklace: Hyla Dewitt
Tell us about the launch of your new fabrics and tablescape paintings! What inspired you to create these gorgeous new collections?

I’m super excited about the launch of my tablescape paintings and fabric! It has been incredibly refreshing to work on both projects! My first love is painting, and my second love is graphic design. With pattern making, I get to combine these two loves and produce something that I thoroughly enjoy: fabrics! The 12 patterns that we produced were picked from 70 patterns that I designed throughout the whole summer (the other 60 odd patterns are available for licensing, and some will be made into future fabrics). I see myself making patterns for many years to come! My ideal is that some of those patterns get made into more fabrics and that others are licensed & put on all sorts of surfaces (such as quilts, bags and clothing).
I have also loved spending the summer painting tablescapes! I am an entertainer at heart and love having friends over to our house to gather around a table for a meal! I think that there’s just something special about opening up your home and sharing a meal with someone! I wanted to try a different subject matter this summer to stretch myself as an artist, and I thought tablescapes were a great transition to do that! There is a glimpse of my signature flowers in each tablescape, but I thoroughly enjoyed bringing pies, burritos, and fun salads alive on the canvas! It was a great change of pace and I think it has helped strengthen me as an artist!
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