Get The Look: Modern & Romantic French Twist

Whether you’re getting ready for your weekly date night or heading to an extra special occasion, this romantic twist is equal parts whimsical and sophisticated!

Step 1: Prep hair with a texturizing product (Bumble and bumble Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Crème works well). Apply generously, then quickly blow-dry hair on dryer’s cold setting. Finish drying hair with fingers.
Step 2: Start teasing hair at the crown of your head with a comb (try the Marilyn Teaser Brush). Tease hair on both sides of your head, and lightly tease the ends of your hair as well.
Step 3: Using your fingers, lightly comb all of your hair back as if you’re about to do a midway ponytail (but don’t secure it with a hair tie!).
Step 4: Gather hair and, starting from the ends, twist tightly toward your head.
Step 5: Feel free to “poof” out the hair at the crown of your head a bit.
Step 6: Once you’ve achieved the shape you desire, pin the twist to the rest of your head and hair. To avoid flattening the twist, fasten bobby pins as if you’re crocheting them through your hair!
Step 7: Finish the look with hairspray (we love Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish).

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By Kara Manos of Politics of Pretty

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Author: Kara Manos

Kara blogs at Politics of Pretty, a go-to beauty resource. She’s been featured in People StyleWatch and Byrdie as a top beauty blog. Connect with her on Instagram.

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