Setting A Winter Table With Camille Styles


There are few things we love more than entertaining our family and friends—especially during the holiday season—which is exactly why we couldn’t wait to pick up Camille Styles‘ new book, “Camille Styles Entertaining.” An Austin-based lifestyle blogger and event designer, Camille makes planning a chic gathering an effortless endeavor with her step-by-step guides. Lucky for us, Camille is sharing a lovely winter table (below!) that’s sure to impress any guest.

Photography: Buff Strickland[/tps_header]
“Some of my favorite holiday memories center around setting the table in preparation for a family feast. I get a rush from designing a holiday table that feels different from the year before—one that brings delight to family and friends the moment they lay eyes on the festive linen tablecloth, delicate vintage glassware or flickering candlelight. A beautiful table contributes to the magical feeling in the air and creates all kinds of anticipation for the feast ahead. This year, I incorporated shimmering touches and metallic accents to cast a warm glow over my holiday table, inviting guests to eat, drink and be merry until long after the sun goes down.”

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