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Some of our favorite home features are the ones filled with lots of sunshine, colorful flea market finds and floor-to-ceiling personality. South Florida blogger and mama Andrea Duclos’s home has all that and more—including shelves stocked with old vinyls, corners enlivened with plants, and walls covered in one-of-a-kind artwork. When Andrea isn’t out exploring with her family, she’s creating her in-progress vegan cookbook and blogging about living a natural, simple, beautiful life. Enjoy her full home tour below!

Photography: Hannah Mayo[/tps_header]

Anthropologie Sofa / HomeGoods Ottoman

What inspired you when you were decorating your home?
I was looking through old photos recently and realized very quickly that I’ve had the same home style for 10+ years now. I had this style from my teens on—long before blogs, Pinterest and the over-saturation of images everywhere blew up. Sort of funky and fun, lots of bright colors, florals everywhere and patterns on patterns on patterns. I mean, it’s more refined now and filled with more artwork as opposed to posters taped on the wall—but essentially, it’s the same. I really just wanted an open space with a lot of life in it—a home that people could walk into and feel comfortable in. I don’t come off as the most serious person (because I’m not), and neither does my home. Nothing stiff, nothing serious—just a tropical, whimsical space of comfort and coziness.

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