Thanksgiving Tablescape From Lovely Little Details


Just in time for Thanksgiving this Thursday, Jacin Fitzgerald of Lovely Little Details is here to share an easy DIY tablescape that’s sure to wow your guests as much as—if not more than—your meal!
“I wanted to create an inviting, comfortable tablescape that would exude the essence of harvest season and the bounty of all we have to be thankful for—with some pretty pops of unexpected shine here and there. Typically when I’m working on tablescapes, I use lush, overflowing flowers, but that’s not necessarily something that can be easily replicated at home (and some blooms can be pricey!). I was inspired by the colors and textures of fall, and wanted to showcase that through the multi-colored carrots and parsnips (with their greenery still intact), the vibrant radishes, the pretty hues inside the pomegranate and butternut squash, and so much more.” – Jacin
Photography: Sawyer Baird
Favors: The Caramel Jar
Emerson hand-lettered painting: Chelsea Petaja


“Faux fur rugs were draped over the end chairs to create a cozy ambience—and once the fire was lit and candles were twinkling, the space truly came to life.”
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