5 Tips For Gorgeous Fall Flower Arrangements

With Thanksgiving one day away, you may find yourself frantically searching the Internet for last-minute tablescape touches. Look no further! We asked our florist friend Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs to share five easy tips for creating an impressive fall floral arrangement.

1. Play with different textures. Consider adding berries, a variety of foliage and flowers with a wide range of petal shapes.

2. Choose an opaque vase. Vases with weight (such as porcelain, metal or colored glass) give a richness to fall and winter arrangements.

3. Know when to keep it simple. When using bud vases, stick to one type of flower with a few foliage accents.

4. Plan your color palette before buying flowers. Stick to colors in the same family, like muted hues (cream, blush pink and peach) or jewel tones (purple, burgundy and emerald green).

5. Include variety for bigger arrangements. Draw the eye out with linear flowers (like stock flowers, snapdragons and calla lilies). Use filler flowers to add fullness (such as Queen Anne’s Lace, waxflower, feverfew and berries).

Photography: Em the Gem 
Floral Arrangements: Huckleberry Karen Designs

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