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Several of us are runners here at Glitter Guide. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it also gives us the chance to get some fresh air and clear our heads. As part of her New Year’s resolutions, our social media director Abby has decided that 2015 will be the year that she runs her first race: a 5K. While prepping for any fitness milestone can be daunting, Abby is letting us in on some tips & tools she’s using to reach her goal. Plus, we’ve put together a fun workout playlist to ensure maximum motivation! Do you have any helpful training hints? We’d love to hear—share them with us using the hashtag #GGgetsfit.

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Photography by Ariane Moshayedi 

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Tank: Old Navy // Capris: Old Navy // Running shoes: ASICS

“It may seem silly, but I’ve found that whenever I have cute, comfortable and flattering athletic wear, I’m more inclined to work out and get outside to run! Old Navy has so many fun pieces to mix and match. I especially love this ‘Do Work’ tank—it motivates me to push myself a little harder each time I’m on my run. The capris are also just so comfortable—and flattering, might I add!”


“I have to admit: Stretching has never been my favorite—and in the past, I often skipped that step on my daily runs. But now that I’m getting a bit more serious, I’m making a conscious effort to stretch before and after my runs. I’ve been told that ‘dynamic’ (moving) stretches tend to be most beneficial before you run. One of the stretches I’ve been enjoying is the ‘walking lunge!'”


“My favorite time to run is around sunset, as it’s a great way to release any stress from the day. I’m very fortunate to live near the beach, so watching the sun go down over the water is an added perk! For my workout training plan, I was introduced to the 8-week Hal Higdon 5K Training Program—it’s a great guide, especially for first-timers! I’ll also be following these tips from Runner’s World one week before my race.”


“Post-run, I make sure to hydrate and then begin static stretches …”





“Once I’ve fully warmed down, I continue to drink plenty of water and then grab a healthy snack! To make sure I was choosing the right kind, I turned to Glitter Guide’s favorite nutrition expert, Carlene Thomas from Healthfully Ever After!”

Post-workout snacks that help your body build and recover are important, even though many people skip them! Look for snacks that have the right blend of carbohydrates and protein (a 3:1 ratio). Eat within 15–20 minutes of training to get the best body benefits!

A common excuse for not practicing easy nutrition rules is the convenience factor. Check out these five options that can be part of a meal or a quick ‘to-go’ option, depending on your workout schedule.

  • Smoothie with yogurt/milk/milk alternative and fruit
  • Turkey wrap or open-faced sandwich
  • Greek or Icelandic yogurt with fruit
  • A nutrition bar with fruit and nuts
  • Apple and almond butter


Fleece: Old Navy

You can’t beat a successful run along the beach followed by a few uninterrupted moments to watch the sun go down over the Pacific. This Old Navy fleece is key post-runespecially during the winter. It’s warm yet breathable, and I love the pocket & sleeve details!”

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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  • This is fantastic! The first race is always so exciting. And I love the ideas for post work out snacks. Smoothies are my favorite, especially in the summer. I like to use frozen fruit (with my local fresh when in season!) in lieu of ice cubes to make my smoothies thicker. Really helps to lower your body temp after a hot run.

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