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Designing your home to fit who you are is a tough goal to accomplish. But Heather Freeman knows a thing or two about bringing different aesthetics to life in her home. As a full-time design consultant, Heather focuses on each client’s story to develop a design plan. She believes each unique family story and personality is key to designing a tailor-made space for each and every one of her clients. On top of her full-time job and full-time role as a mother, Heather also writes her own design blog, Decor Fix, which is bursting with tips and home inspiration. Heather talks to us about juggling all of her different roles and gives us some expert advice on managing our own home DIYs.

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You first started your career as a teacher. What made you decide to become a designer?
I’ve always been obsessed with homes. When normal 3rd graders were playing with Barbies, I was clipping pictures from Southern Living, picking fabrics and planning my bedroom makeover. For as long as I can remember, I’ve helping friends decorate. It came naturally and was something I enjoyed so much, but I never considered it more than a hobby.
Five years into teaching I hit a wall. I was desperately craving both a creative outlet and career change but felt totally stuck. A late night chat with my dad (an entrepreneur and my #1 cheerleader) led to some “ugly crying” and a realization of how unfulfilled I was. That conversation became the springboard for me turning my hobby into a side business. I continued to teach full-time while consulting with clients and blogging during nights and weekends. After my husband’s prompting, I quit teaching when my daughter was born and took a huge leap to becoming a full-time business owner. It was one of the scariest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Freelance life is chaotic at times, but I am constantly inspired and truly love helping my clients.

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