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When it comes to the baby-product industry, few people know the ultra-whimsical realm better than Jennifer Wilson. Ever since her 2013 launch of VONBON, an organic-focused brand for all things baby, Jennifer has been immersed in a world of pastel colors and pint-sized playthings. And now, as a new mom herself, Jennifer’s getting to indulge her passion in a brand-new way. Read on for her tips about pulling together the dreamiest baby spaces—plus her perspective on life as a first-time mother!

Written by Carrie Waller
Photography by Kristin Sarna[/tps_header]
Tell us about the design inspiration for your daughter’s nursery! Did you always have an ideal space planned, or did the room develop organically?
Being in the baby industry, I am immersed in nursery design and décor. Long before I was pregnant, I had been pinning nursery images for our VONBON Pinterest account, so I already had a ton of inspiration. I filtered through all of the images I’d pinned and created my own inspiration board, highlighting some of the colors, textures and handmade items I wanted in the room. It was a great jumping-off point. As the room came together, it organically established its own character.

(Funny enough, VONBON was first born in that room. It previously housed my home office/studio, which was featured here on Glitter Guide back in January 2014. It was so fitting that the room take on a new life and transform into the perfect space for my new baby, Esti.)

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