Inside Bea Valenzuela’s Echo Park Shop

Beatrice Valenzuela exudes the kind of laid-backbreezy bohemian style that we can’t help but envy—and her good taste goes well beyond her killer ensembles! She’s all about embracing the moment and appreciating the beautiful things in life, from relationships to handmade goods—which brings us to the brand version of Beatrice! Featuring a highly curated collection of jewelry, bags, shoes and—most recently—a lovely candle, Beatrice’s line of heirloom-esque gifts inspires us to give with more compassion. And as we lead up to Valentine’s Day this weekend, how fitting that she also share a selection of her favorite pieces (perfect options for your special someone!). Be sure to take a look at her roundup at the end of the feature.

Written by Carrie Waller
Photography by Monica Wang

Tell us about your eponymous brand, Beatrice Valenzuela. How did you get into the business, and how does your background as a stylist influence your line of fine jewelry and acessories?
I began my brand with shoes and then moved into jewelry, bags and now a candle. My dream is to make many different things that I myself want to wear and use in my day-to-day life.


For the person who seems to have it all, what’s your go-to gift?
Offer an experience. For example, if the person loves nature, consider a horseback riding class. I like giving a small sculpture or a handmade bowl. I also love giving out Ramsey Conder brass hooks—they’re always a big hit!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
My husband makes beautiful one-of-a-kind rings and he made me an 18k rose-gold band that is stunning. It has all these facets and is very comfortable on my hand. I never take it off.


How do you celebrate the loves in your life? What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?
I love cooking, so I celebrate the loves in my life by making them their favorite dish. My dream Valentine’s Day is to be taken out to get the newest, most exciting food in town. And, always, to receive a bouquet from Hollyflora.


What are your top five favorite beauty products?
My Tata Harper beauty regimen! The smells are really calming and divine.

1. Regenerating Cleanser
2. Boosted Contouring Serum
3. Hydrating Floral Essence
4. Fortifying Body Lotion
5. Restorative Eye Créme


What do you love most about living in Los Angeles? Where do you often take visitors?
The food! You can go to a farm-to-table place and then sushi or Indian. I love street food in Echo Park. Alejandra’s quesadillas on the southwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue are my favorite. She makes them for the Echo Park Craft Fair. I make a point to take my visitors to Bottega Louie downtown for brunch and macarons. It’s so pretty there—the walls look like someone decorated them with Chantilly.

Top guilty pleasures: Go!
1. “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the movie
2. Watching fantasy shows (these may include vampires or vikings)
3. Eating in bed
4. Staying in pajamas all day
5. Online shopping


Can you paint us a picture of a typical day in your life?
I wake up and my baby boy immediately covers my face in sweet kisses. This is the highlight of my day. Then I crawl to the kitchen and make myself a French press coffee. I take my morning coffee with brown sugar and heavy whipping cream. It’s a bad habit I got into when Cookbook, our neighborhood’s green grocer, ran out of half-and-half for a while—now I can’t kick the habit!

Then school drop-off, and then I go to meetings or my store. I try to eat lunch with a friend and get a little exercise twice weekly. Then back to school for pick-up. Sometimes we go out for an early dinner to my daughter’s favorite restaurant called Costa Alegre, or I cook dinner at home. If we have fresh fruit, I make yummy cocktails for Ramsey and I, and virgin drinks for the wee ones. Then, bath time and sweet dreams.


What materials do you love to work with most?
I love working with leather, and I’m very much enjoying collaborating with my husband on the new bags and shoes. He makes beautiful pieces in bronze and brass that we incorporate for embellishments. We love making functional objects that are simple but beautiful.


What makes the most memorable gift?
When there’s a story behind the object or the experience. 

Imagine it’s your Sweet Sixteen. What one piece of advice do you wish that someone would impart to you?
I wish someone would have told me to better choose the people with whom I surrounded myself. I definitely had a couple of friends and boyfriends who were kind of a waste of my time.

Tell us about the pieces pictured. How can we present them as heirloom-esque gifts for Valentine’s Day?
The jewelry, metal sculptures and hooks will last many lifetimes. They are things that you can give and then pass on to children or loved ones—each time giving the objects a new life.

1. Materia Lumina Dish Ramsey Conder Hook
2. Beatrice Valenzuela Cobalt Slip-ons
3. Samantha Grisdale Clutch
4. Ramsey Conder Large Cactus (various finishes available)
5. Beatrice Valenzuela Orange Blossom Candle
6. Rebekah Miles
7. Jessica Winzelberg Rings
8. Clockwise within picture: onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleven.


Is there a Valentine’s Day that you remember vividly?
The first Valentine’s Day that Ramsey and I spent together was so romantic. I didn’t know he celebrated it and I didn’t get him anything. He took me out to a really cute Italian restaurant where there was someone playing a piano. Every table had a red carnation in a vase. After dinner he gave me the sweetest little gold ring in a tiny box—the first he ever gave me. It fit my finger perfectly. I still have it. I’ll keep it forever.

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  • Lovely feature! But can Beatrice shed light on her former line of shoes, which she claims to have designed but actually did not? I see what looks like a pair of Ricardo Medina’s Nahautl sandals in the first slide…he is the Mexico-based creator and designer who actually made the entire line of shoes Beatrice took credit for. She seems like such a creative person…I wish she’d address what happened!

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