Style At Home: Anika Natori

With a range of job titles that includes tutor, blogger, athlete and—her most treasured—mother, Anika Natori has quite the packed schedule. But she and her husband Ken have created a space with their two lovely kiddos that they happily call home, and it’s here that they gracefully take everything in stride. We invite you to take a tour of their natural habitat—it’s brimming with eclectic details and thoughtful family moments.

Written by Carrie Waller
Photography by Trent & Dara Bailey

Tell us about your business and any new projects you’re working on.
I have three jobs: first and foremost, being a mother. My kids are always my priority! I also write the Josie Girl Blog and hold private math-tutoring sessions for students from third to twelfth grade. The tutoring ultimately came from my previous 8-year stint as a math teacher.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating?
My West Coast roots inspire my home décor aesthetic. I love color and comfort. Feeling at home in our house is most important for myself, my husband, my kids and the whole family.


Fashion designer Josie Natori is your mother-in-law! Has she influenced your style?
My mother-in-law’s designs have influenced me to develop my own unique sense of style. She is always perfectly dressed, beautifully coiffed, accessorized and, of course, always in heels. When I first met her, I tried my best to reflect her style by dressing up more to look sophisticated, but I soon realized that I could not compete. I am now dedicated to fully embracing my own unique style, which hints at my West Coast bohemian upbringing. “Birkenstocks over heels” is my motto!


What is your favorite piece of décor?
I love the colorfulness, happiness and simplicity of our apartment. My son’s room epitomizes this—with a colorfully striped rug, nature wallpaper and a pop of bright green in the back of his bookshelf, it just shrieks “happy.” But if I had to pick a specific décor piece, I would say the window seat coverings in the living room. They reflect my own personal style—hippie-esque and unique.



How have your children influenced the style of your home?
As I think is the case with many families, the children have completely contributed to the style of the house. The house is their playground. I want them to be able to touch anything, run around, jump on the chairs—all without the risk of breaking bones or furniture. We’ve made it a home where they feel safe and comfortable.



You and your husband Ken seem to have pretty full days. How do the two of you like to wind down?
It’s true; we are very active and consistently busy between our jobs, the kids and working out. We do make sure we spend quality time alone and take the time to do things that we both enjoy. For example, we both ran the New York City Marathon back in November, and just a few weeks ago, we attended a soundcheck with O.A.R. But at the end of the day, it’s all about our family. We always make it a point to put our kids to bed together every night and eat dinner together. After the kids are asleep, one of our favorite ways to relax is by watching TV and snuggling on our couch.



How have you blended your West Coast style with Ken’s East Coast aesthetic?
My husband lets me take the reins on décor. When we first lived together in New York City, our apartment décor was very masculine, very ’80s, very un-me. I had a hard time throwing any of myself into it. When we moved to our current apartment, it was sayonara to the past and hello to our home. It took a lot of time, finances and TLC, but it meant living in a house that made us feel at home. Luckily, Ken has been extremely helpful and accommodating with my décor preferences, so blending our different aesthetics has been a smooth transition.


Josie Girl Blog covers a wide range of topics, from style to food to fitness. When and why did you first start the blog?
I started the blog three years ago as the voice for the contemporary Josie by Natori collection, which is part of the House of Natori. The lifestyle blog started as a way to develop a personality for the ‘Josie’ girl. It personifies the brand, reaches out to fellow Josie girls and gives a glimpse into the world of Natori. The blog keeps me involved with the family business, but it also allows me to explore my own interests and creative ideas at the same time. I admit, it takes up a lot of time—but it keeps me on my toes and forces me to think!




You’re a mother of two, a teacher, an avid athlete and a blogger. How do you keep everything running smoothly?
I wake up at 5 a.m. every day to get a head start. I work on the blog before the sun rises, then head to the gym or for a run before the kiddies wake up. This way I can devote more time and attention to them by the time their days start. I am so fortunate to have an incredibly loving and helpful husband. He pulls his own weight with the kids and responsibilities. Together Ken and I are present and loving parents who work at our various jobs and manage to find the time to do what we love for ourselves. Our days are fully packed, but we love every minute of it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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