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Whenever we have the chance to tour a photographer’s space, there’s little doubt that it’s going to be gorgeous. Thanks to the keen awareness of aesthetics that these camera-wielding creatives usually possess, their tangible work tends to be the stuff of dreams. Of course, the home and office of D.C.-based photographer Abby Jiu was no exception. (When someone like Martha Stewart backs your work, you know it’s gotta be good.) We had the chance to meander through this award-winning lady’s home and were wowed by absolutely every nook and cranny. We dare you not to be inspired by Abby’s space—plus her thoughts on life as a successful wedding and lifestyle photographer.

Photography: Amelia Johnson
Interior styling: Shannon Claire Interiors
Hair & makeup: Amie Decker
Florals: Holly Chapple
What sparked your interest in the photography industry? Have you always been creative?
I grew up in a family full of doctors and engineers, and while I enjoyed biology class, I also knew I had a big creative side, too. I think I was five years old when I first started mixing art with business. I would make drawings, selling my ‘artwork’ around the neighborhood and finding neighbors to ‘invest’ in my paintings for a couple of dollars. I can’t imagine what my neighbors thought! I also constantly asked my mom to take me to the craft store so I could come up with my next big project. I think it took a little while for my family to come around to the idea of me pursuing a career as a photographer. Even just a couple of years ago, my grandma tried to give me extra money during the holidays because she thought I needed it more than my cousins did.

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My interest in photography started when I was unhappy with my pharmaceutical sales job and looking for a creative outlet. I remember being very inspired by the beautiful photography I saw when perusing blogs and art shows, and I decided to start learning the craft. Ever since then, I’ve known that this is my dream job. It’s what I enjoy doing every day.

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