10 Designer-Esque Target Pieces For The Home

Emily Henderson has long been a favorite among the Glitter Guide team. We know we’re not the only ones who feel as though this blogging designer-slash-stylist is speaking directly to us with each room makeover she reveals. And that relatable aesthetic is exactly what makes her the perfect fit for a partnership with Target! We love how readily Emily shares her professional perspective, offering refreshing tips and tricks that we can all incorporate into our own homes—regardless of our design expertise. Today she’s here to chat about the Target pieces that we can snag now to attain this season’s hottest designer looks on a dime.

Written by Carrie Waller
Photo by LK Griffin Photography

Threshold Bar Cart ($130)

When we heard that you and Target were teaming up, we couldn’t help but think that it was a match made in heaven. Have you found this to be true over the past year?
Yes! Working with Target has been a dream. One of the reasons I’ve always loved shopping at Target is because it offers lots of very stylish staple pieces at affordable price points. Target is also constantly changing up its store with new and exciting merchandise. I’m literally in the store at least a couple times a week—and every time I set foot in there, I find new pieces that I missed the time before. It’s great and inspires me! And it’s also a lot of fun to share with my readers different ways to put Target pieces together—making that transition from purchasing to styling a little less intimidating.


Room Essentials Textured Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover Set ($24–$40)

Budget is so often paramount when it comes to home décor and styling. What are your go-to Target products when you set out to nail a look that feels a lot more expensive than it actually is?
I love sourcing stylish and functional essentials like poufs, trays, pillows, rugs and lamps at Target—basically, all the accessories. They are so easy to buy because they’re the things that are easy to switch out all the time. They don’t feel like big commitments, and sometimes that new tray just makes you feel happier to come home. I’ve also talked about this a lot, but the Threshold bar cart is a must-have piece that can really add sophistication to any home and also showcase your personality!


Threshold 5 Piece Izon Flatware Set in Gold ($25)


Threshold Windsor Dining Chair – Set of 2 ($84–$130)

Your ability to mix high and low accessories has earned you major prestige. Is there any hope for those of us looking to learn the equation? What tricks do you employ to bring everything together?
I think the best rule of thumb is to ask yourself three questions when deciding whether or not you should purchase something—high or low—for the home:

  1. Is this a beautiful piece that I cannot live without?
  2. Is it functional?
  3. Is it stylish?

I like items to meet at least two out of those three questions. This process helps eliminate unnecessary elements and clutter, and allows the truly necessary items to shine. Another trick when mixing high and low is to decide on a color palette. It helps the space look cohesive, which often makes it hard to distinguish between the bargain items and the pricier ones. Splurge on conversation and statement pieces—art, a sofa, an amazing Moroccan rug—and then save on the simple linen pillows.


Threshold Double Gourd Glass Lamp Base ($12–$45)

Which pieces do you always look for in the vintage market, no exception? What do you prefer to buy from big-box stores?
Vintage: Art is something I almost always find in the vintage market. I also love picking up vintage ‘personality’ pieces—like accent chairs and tables—when I can, such as the couch in my living room (from Amsterdam Modern).

Big-box: I depend on big-box stores for a lot of pieces, to help give a space personality, charm and warmth. Target always gets it right when it comes to décor pieces like pillows and throws, which I’m constantly switching up—I love being able to make these changes without spending a fortune. You can find stylish furniture as well—this convertible sofa, for example, has a very elevated style but is also functional and moderately priced.


Threshold Tufted Bench ($100)

What are your top five favorite products for the home that readers could find in stores if they hopped in their cars and headed to Target right now?

  1. Bar cart: Again, it’s really awesome and instantly elevates any space. It has a modern brass finish that I love very much.
  2. Ceramic hanging planter: I noticed it in the outdoor section a few weeks ago and got pretty excited. It’s dipped in gold and totally wonderful.
  3. Tufted bench: This is a pretty timeless piece, and the squared-off legs are perfection.
  4. Duvet set: If you’re looking to update your bedding, this set is lovely for spring.
  5. Tray: Perfect for any room of your home.


Threshold Caged Accent Table ($60)

Do you do your shopping in person or online? Are there any advantages to seeing and feeling products in person?
It’s definitely a mix of both. I’ll look on Target.com and sort items by ‘newest’ to see if there are any cool new items I haven’t seen since I last checked the website. As a stylist, it’s good to have options, so I’ll err on the side of ordering more than I need to see what works with a space and with the other pieces I’ve pulled. Going shopping in stores is really great, too, if you have that option. Luckily, I frequent a pretty well-stocked Target, so it’s easy to supplement my online purchases with pieces I find in the store.

And, of course, it’s always nice to be able to touch and feel everything in person. Being able to see the craftsmanship, design details and quality that go into each piece makes my design decisions a lot easier.


Ameriwood Industries Leighton Storage Sofa Bed ($390)

Could you let us in on any of your tips and tricks for shopping at Target?

  • I use the Cartwheel app whenever I shop at Target. It’s free, easy to use and offers several deals that change on a weekly basis. Check it out here.
  • If you sign up for a Target REDcard, you get five percent off of all purchases on Target.com and in Target stores.
  • Go early. I like going first thing in the morning before the store gets too crowded—I get first dibs on anything they’re just putting out onto the floor.
  • Don’t be afraid to overbuy and then try out things at home. Obviously they don’t want you to buy and return the whole store, but there’s something to be said for choosing options, paying and then trying them out at home. If something doesn’t work, it’s very easy to return.


Threshold Pouf in ‘Blue Woven Diamond’ ($60)


Safavieh Maison Textured Wool Rug (2’x3′ size in ‘Silver/Grey’) ($50)

What’s next on the Emily Henderson x Target partnership? Can you tell us about any projects on the horizon?
We have so much in the works! A lot of makeovers and styling tips and tricks like my readers are used to, but also some exciting springtime activities to celebrate the warm weather and upcoming summer entertaining season. Stay tuned!

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

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