How To Care For Your Bed Linens


Yesterday we focused on getting a good night’s rest, and today we’re talking about how to best care for your cozy bed! On day two of our Spring Refresh Week, we’re encouraging you to treat your linens with a little extra TLC. Karin Sun, co-founder of luxury bedding brand Crane & Canopy, is here with some suggestions for keeping your bedding beautiful!

Written by Camila Pavone


We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to keep your bedding clean and comfortable. Wash your sheets and shams once a week. If you don’t use a top sheet, wash your comforters and duvet covers weekly as well.

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Avoid overstuffing your washer and dryer. Don’t exceed one set of sheets and duvet set per wash to ensure your bedding is evenly and thoroughly cleaned. Make sure that zippers and buttons on duvet covers are closed prior to washing and drying. Put your washer on a cold setting and use a mild detergent.

EXPERT TIPMake sure to use a color-safe bleach alternative to keep whites white and colors bright. Overusing chlorine bleach can lead to a weakening and thinning of fabric fibers. This will diminish the life of your linens, which can otherwise last up to 10 years when cared for properly!

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