The Ultimate List Of Spring Cleaning Tips

The Ultimate List Of Spring Cleaning Tips

Two words: spring cleaning. The concept of this major tidying fest might terrify you at first, but we promise: Refreshing your home post winter is indeed possible (and often enjoyable!), as long as you put a few key processes into place. To get you over the biggest hurdle—that is, simply starting!—we asked some of our favorite home bloggers to spill their springtime cleaning secrets. Got a tip of your own? Do share in the comments!

  1. Rachel Smith, The Crafted Life: “Get rid of excess clutter! Don’t be afraid to toss or donate items that you no longer want or need. And when in doubt, bring in flowers! Fresh blooms can transform any space.”
  2. Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow“Pick a song that totally energizes you. For me, it’s Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” Set your alarm to play that song once a day (at a time that you’re normally at home). When the alarm goes off, stop what you’re doing and clean for the duration of the song. Making your bed is a good place to start!”
  3. Jessica, Bubbly Design Co.: “My favorite way to kick off spring cleaning is to open every window and door that I can. Winter has a way of making things feel stuffy and dry, so the moment I spot “60 degrees and sunny” in the forecast, I’m itching to let in as much fresh air as possible!”
  4. Melissa, The Inspired Room“Don’t underestimate the joy of clean windows in the spring! Give your front door a quick spring cleaning, too—polish the hardware and wipe off scuff marks with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!”
    Erin Souder, Earnest Home Co.“When quickly straightening up the house, put an empty laundry basket near the steps. Everything that needs to go upstairs goes into the basket. When the downstairs is tidy, take the whole basket upstairs and put everything away.”
  5. Whitney Leigh Morris“I love beautiful little keepsake boxes and clever display hooks for accessories, but they tend to clutter up walls and surfaces. Try repurposing a hardware cabinet (with various-sized drawers) for jewelry storage. I keep mine in an out-of-sight yet easily accessible cabinet under the bathroom sink. Now every precious piece is organized and nothing gets tangled.”
  6. Myquillyn Smith, The Nester: “I always start by clearing off one surface completely and then wiping it with a wet, steaming hot cloth. It works wonders for my attitude.”
  7. Amy Kim, Homey Oh My!: “To pare down your wardrobe, start by taking everything out of your closet and dressers. Separate everything into piles by category. You’ll see exactly how much you have of each item, which will help you to identify repeats and make better decisions about what you should really let go of.”
  8. Julie Blanner“Clean patio furniture and your window exteriors effortlessly with Windex—you can even connect it to your hose! It’s easy to do from any level, and it will allow light to fully shine indoors once again!
  9. Kim Vargo, Yellow Brick Home: “Spring is a great time to open the windows and freshen up your rooms. To easily rid your home of unwanted odors, sprinkle baking soda onto any area rugs and let it sit while you clean the rest of the room. (If you’re able to let it sit overnight, even better!) Just clean it up with your regular vacuum.”
  10. Lexi Holzberg Kritzer, Glitter, Inc.“Don’t take on more than you can handle. Every year I tell myself I’m going to completely rearrange my closet, but that’s a huge project. Instead, plan to tackle your shoes or purses. Do one project at a time and you’ll get through it all, little by little.”
  11. Kirsten Grove, Simply Grove: “We just moved into a 1940s bungalow that has its original natural wood floors. I clean them with a combination of ½ cup of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Mix together well and rub lightly into your floors. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a nice scent.”
  12. Lindsay Jackman, The White Buffalo Styling Co.: “Do a little each day. I often get so overwhelmed with the long cleaning list that I don’t do anything on it! When I try to do one thing every day, the house stays much cleaner.”
  13. Erin Hiemstra, Apartment 34: “To clean your mattress, you can repurpose something I know you probably have in your house: vodka! Don’t use the good stuff, but put a bit of inexpensive vodka in a spray bottle and spritz onto your mattress to kill bacteria and deodorize.”
  14. Gwen Hefner, The Makerista“Cleaning isn’t my favorite, but freshening up is! First, lighten things up in your closet. Swap out wool and faux fur for linen and cotton. Replace plaid and herringbone patterns with white and cream hues. Next, change out your favorite pine-scented soaps and candles for more floral-focused scents. You can never have too many fresh flowers—even clippings from your own yard will bring any space to life!”
  15. Lidy Dipert, Hello Lidy“Begin cleaning from the top and work your way down, one room at a time—it helps keep you focused! Start with ceiling fans, lights, walls, blinds and curtains; then work your way down to the furniture, rugs, carpets and floors.”
  16. Khristian A. HowellPurge! If you haven’t worn, seen or thought about it in over a year, chances are good that you’re over it. Make room for the things that inspire you—and keep your space fresh and clean in the process!”
  17. PJ Feinstein, A Girl Named PJ“Take a few minutes to sort through your makeup. Toss what’s crumbling or dried-out. Get rid of anything that smells off. You may also want to say goodbye to trendy colors from past seasons that you know you’re never actually going to wear again!”
  18. Julia Marcum, Chris Loves Julia: “I like to store a little bit of paint from the walls of each room in glass jarsbaby food jars work perfectly! This way, when I’m washing my walls and notice any nicks, I can do quick paint touch-ups without having to haul out and mix up the whole gallon.”
  19. Katie Meyers, Meyers Styles: “Revive your wooden cutting board! Scrub it with course salt (to remove deep stains) and a halved lemon (for a clean, citrusy scent). Take it one step further by applying a bit of mineral oil and letting it soak into the board for a few hours. Dab off any excess oil with a paper towel before use.”
  20. Jacquelyn Clark, Lark & Linen“Dryer sheets are a great—and inexpensive—alternative to traditional dusters. Bonus: The sweet scent lingers long after you’re done dusting!”
  21. Brittany Cramer, brittanyMakes: “Spring cleaning in our (tiny) house is synonymous with purging! All those boots, jackets, scarves, hoodies, vests and blankets that we accumulated during the colder months need to find a new home. It’s all about feeling light and fresh for the warmer seasons ahead—and this includes our closets! This is also the time of year that I like to scrub grout, re-caulk, stock up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and touch up walls and baseboards.”

The Ultimate List Of Spring Cleaning Tips

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Author: Carrie Waller

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