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Morgan Hutchinson is a woman on a mission, determined to provide nursing and non-nursing mamas alike with chic and versatile post-baby clothing. Despite the fact that she’s still marching forward with gusto, Morgan undoubtedly deserves to bask in her success as the founder of BURU—a Kentucky-based shop devoted to making motherhood significantly more stylish. All of BURU’s pieces are infinitely wearable and interchangeable, thanks to the empathetic entrepreneur who thoughtfully curates them! Today, Morgan is sharing her brand’s birth story (and much more!).

Written by Carrie Waller
First things first. Tell us everything we need to know about BURU. When did it get started, and what does the unique name mean?
BURU is technically my second child, born of an idea I had when my real baby was only a week old. It was the idea that true nursing clothes are unnecessary if you curate the right ready-to-wear collection. I loved breastfeeding, and luckily, it was a fit for Olive and me. What I didn’t love was going back to maternity stores to shop for clothing that was easy to nurse in yet stylish. I was ready to be back in the brands and silhouettes that I loved pre-pregnancy.

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On a hunch that other mamas felt the same way—and filled with confidence that we could find enough ready-to-wear brands to sign on to our idea—my husband Brett and I headed to our first market in New York City (when Olive was 8 weeks old) with the intention to scout. Scouting turned to buying, and we wrote orders for our first season (fall 2013) for a website that was yet to be built. There was a lot of work done from February to September, to say the least!

One thing we did have with us going to market was the name. (We needed business cards to get in!). We had lived in China for almost four years (our daughter was conceived there), and we loved the idea of bringing a little bit of that experience into this new venture. In Mandarin, when the characters “BU” and “RU” are put together (“BURU”), it means “to breastfeed.” Though the name is specific to nursing, we focus on curating a collection for all aspects of the mom lifestyle.

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  • Thanks for featuring Morgan! She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I’m so proud to see her business grow and, as a fellow mother, I value and appreciate the thoughtful detail Morgan puts into every single piece on If you haven’t checked out the collection or if you are like me and need constant advice and help putting pieces together, the site and Morgan (the Buru Guru) are amazing resources! Proud to say I’m sporting a full Annie Griffin outfit (colorful blouse and chic elastic waist pants) from the Buru collection right now!

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