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It’s funny how a 180-degree career switch can pave the way for a dream realized. That’s how it all transpired for Mara Ferreira, blogger behind M Loves M” (a Team GG favorite!). Mara actually got her start in the professional world as a studying lawyer, but after a few fateful changes, she found fulfillment in a more creative lifestyle. Today, this fashion-forward gal is reflecting on personal style, beauty and her latest design renovations—just wait until you see her head-turning home!

Written by Carrie Waller
Photography by Monica Wang
Interior Design by Studio McGee
You’re coming up on the sixth anniversary of your lifestyle blog, “M Loves M”—congrats! Take us back to the beginning. Why did you start your blog, and how has it evolved since 2009?
Thank you so much! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost six years since I started “M Loves M.” At that time, I was working full time for a law firm in Los Angeles, while studying for the LSAT. I had been very set on going into the legal profession and had even worked for the Attorney General’s Office while living in San Francisco. I always loved to write and I’ve had countless diaries over the years, but after graduating, I found it more difficult to find the time to write for myself. I thought that creating an online diary would be more easily accessible, especially when I was on my computer all day long.

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I started “M Loves M” to document my life, the things I enjoyed doing and the food I was cooking—but it was also mainly about holding on to the long-distance relationship that Matthew and I were in at the time. I would write about packing to visit him, what we did on our trips (tennis lessons, anyone?) and little things, like visits to our favorite coffee shop. It helped me focus on our relationship so that the time passed a little more easily.

About four months after I started the blog, Matthew moved down to L.A., and my site started to include more personal style. Today, “M Loves M” still includes personal style and recipes, but I’ve started to include more beauty (I’ve become a big product junkie), home décor and entertaining (Matthew and I moved into a house last year), plus a little bit of travel for the times we can get away. It’s been so incredible to have readers who have followed me through some of the most special moments in my life: getting engaged to Matthew, getting married, adopting our dog Ginger and navigating a few big job changes. It’s exciting to think about the future and all that’s still to come!

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