Mother Knows Best: Wise Advice From Our Moms

[tps_header]Moms always have the best advice. When we were younger, our moms were always shelling out their best pearls of wisdom—how to save money, how to roast a chicken, how to pick the perfect lipstick color, and the list goes on! We admit, when these tips came from our own mother, they were sometimes harder to heed. We thought we knew best, but now that we’re older, we must confess: you were always right, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, we asked our friends to share advice from their moms that they initially ignored, but now totally agree with! Share yours with us in the comments below![/tps_header]
“My mom used to always tell me that I should never mess with my eyebrows and that brushing them up makes them look chic. I ignored her and wanted those thin brows that were so popular in the ’90s. Now, I’m always trying to get them back to their natural state and brush them up every day. Mother knows best.” — Taylor Sterling, Glitter Guide founder & creative director

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