A Wedding Beauty Timeline

You’re getting married—how exciting! In the months leading up to the wedding, it’s important to map out your action plan for all things beauty related. You’re about to get pampered, plucked, prodded, waxed and rubbed; it’s all part of feeling like your best self on your very special day! If you’re a bride-to-be, bookmark this page to keep your bridal beauty plan on track!
By Erin Sousa of The Sparkle
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  • Skin Game: See your dermatologist to discuss any skin concerns and create a game plan.
  • Beauty Squad: Book your makeup and hair artists.



  • Skin Check: Schedule in some facials to prep your complexion. If you want to amp up your glow even more, consider non-invasive laser skin treatments like Genesis or IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy.
  • Smile Bright: Visit your dentist to get your teeth whitened, or if you’re on a budget, try a drugstore product like Crest Whitestrips to get your smile matching that gorgeous white dress!
  • Beauty Trials: Set a date with your makeup and hair artists to test out your bridal look.



  • Lock It In: Confirm that your pre-wedding beauty appointments are booked—hair, facial, hair removal, massage, day-of “glam squad”, etc.



  • Hair: Get your locks colored and cut. Avoid experimenting at this appointment. Go with a color you know you love, and a cut that you will feel your best in!
  • Final Facial: Since some facials can irritate skin and cause redness, it’s best to get your final facial around two weeks before your wedding day.
  • Dry Brushing: Invest in a natural bristle brush and introduce daily dry brushing into your morning regimen. Dry brushing not only exfoliates skin, but also helps to release the body’s toxins.
  • Body Prep: Don’t forget to moisturize daily to make sure your skin is at its softest for the big day!



  • Lemon Water: Begin each morning with warm lemon water to gently flush out toxins, cleanse your system and bring out your inner glow.


  • Hair Removal: It’s time to take care of your unwanted hair! Waxing is a good option, but only if you’ve done it before. For facial hair, we suggest threading to avoid skin tearing so close to your wedding.
  • Nails: Schedule in a mani/pedi date with your bridesmaids! Opt for a gel polish—it will stay put right through until the end of your honeymoon!
  • Self Tanning: If you’re comfortable with faux tanning and have done it before, now is the time to lock in that bronze glow.



  • Massage: You’ve worked so hard planning and prepping! It’s time to relax and treat yourself to a little pre-wedding spa day.
  • Food for Thought: Try to steer clear of salt in order to avoid bloating. Drink water to keep your energy up and your skin happy.
  • Let’s Face It: Use your favorite “tried and true” complexion boosting mask the night before your wedding.



  • Green Juice: The morning of your wedding day, up your energy with a nutritious green juice in addition to a hearty breakfast.
  • Beauty Kit: Bring along your favorite makeup, beauty products, and perfume. Perhaps some skin blotting papers and kleenex! You never know what might come in handy!
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Author: Erin Sousa

Erin is the founder & principal of Sparkle Media, and blogs at The Sparkle. Erin lives in her downtown Vancouver condo with her husband, Roberto, and their dog, Ava. Follow on Instagram!

  • Although I agree that self tanning and a relaxing massage are both great wedding prep steps, it’s important to remember that some massage products contain oils that will disrupt an existing spray tan. I’m speaking from streaky, messy experience.

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