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When it comes to planning for your wedding, there are so many little details to think about. The reality is though, none of those plans are actually small—Floral arrangements, invitations, seating arrangements, and wedding day itinerary (to name a few) are all major components of any wedding!

Today, Rita Remark, Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada, is chatting with us about the smallest detail (literally!) of a wedding—a bride’s wedding day manicure, and why that detail is majorly important! From specific color suggestions perfect for your bridal style to nail prep for the day-of, Rita is sharing her top tips for your bridal fingertips! The best part is, her advice isn’t only for brides. If you are in a bridal party or attending a wedding this season, read up on the top nail colors and trends you’ll want to rock this spring/summer.

How should a bride go about picking a polish color for her wedding day? What should she keep in mind?
There are a couple of key factors to consider when choosing your wedding day manicure—color and design. The first thing to think about is the theme of your wedding. You want to make sure your nails don’t clash with the bouquet. Secondly, your dress—If your dress is very ornate or design-heavy, you may want to forgo nail art so you don’t over-do it. Alternatively, if your dress is understated, a touch of nail art is a great way to add some personality to your bridal look.

What are your top tips to prep your nails so they are healthy and strong before getting your “wedding day mani”? Anything the bride should be doing a day, a week, or even a month in advance?
I always advise brides to get regular manicures leading up to the wedding day mani. A steady manicure regime will ensure nails are camera-ready for the big day, especially if a bride wants to grow her nails for the occasion. That said, it’s not always about the nails. I highly advise the use of cuticle oil every day to make sure the nails and cuticles are in check.

What are the top nail trends for this spring/summer? Do you think these trends are suitable for brides’ nails?
Big trends for spring include bold primary colors, metallic accents and negative space manicures. While not all of these trends are suitable for brides, I do think it’s all about how you translate them. While a bright cobalt blue, like essie’s ‘butler please’ may be a bit jarring on your hands, it could add a touch of “something blue” to your pedicure. I would also highly recommend a metallic accent to your wedding day manicure because it adds just a hint of adornment.

What essie colors would you suggest for every type of bride?
(Pictured from left to right…)

Classic/Timeless: Mademoiselle

Bohemian: Topless & Barefoot

Edgy: Wicked

Dramatic: Good as Gold

Fun: Hubby for Dessert

Chic: Blanc

Nail art for your wedding day—Yay or nay?
Absolute yay! When tastefully done, nail art can add some pop to an otherwise understated bridal look. Seek out nail designs in shades of white, sheer pink or metallic. Sometimes even the craziest nail art designs can look sophisticated if you change up the color scheme.

For a more “daring” bride, any specific nail looks you’ve done for the runway that would be perfect for a wedding day mani?
I worked with Wes Gordon to create the nail look for his spring/summer runway show for New York Fashion Week. Together we created a look that made the nails look like fresh, light linen. By layering shades of nude and white, and adding some texture by drawing lines vertically and horizontally across each nail, we achieved a subtle and sophisticated nail art look that would be perfect for even the most demure bride.

Bride-specific beauty aside, what are your personal favorite nail trends, colors, and shapes at the moment?
I love the negative space trend. It was a runway favorite because it utilizes nail art in a contemporary, minimalist way. The possibilities are endless and include polishing just the moon or just a vertical stripe down the length of the nail.  Now that the weather is warmer, I find myself gravitating towards summer’s bolder, brighter colors like essie’s neon blue ‘make some noise’. This season, I find myself moving away from the almond nail trend, keeping my nails short and sporty for the summer with a low maintenance soft square shape.

Thanks, Rita!

All images courtesy of essie Canada

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