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We’re longtime fans of Lulu Frost here at Glitter Guide, which should hardly come as a surprise if you’ve ever feasted your eyes on the brand’s edgy yet glamorous collections. And that’s why we’re incredibly excited to welcome Lexi Cross, Lulu Frost’s marketing director, into the spotlight. We (virtually) sat down with the New York-based social media pro to talk about her favorite marketing strategies, what Lulu Frost (the brand) is really all about and, of course, her own perspective on life in a creative industry.

Written by Carrie Waller
Photos by Trent Bailey Photography[/tps_header]
What is the common thread running through your many past roles (advertising, sales, fashion editorial) and now your current role (marketing director) for Lulu Frost? From where does your passion for the brand stem?
The common thread is relationship building. Customer service skills and authentic connections with shoppers are important, whether you’re standing on the retail sales floor or responding to comments on social media. At Lulu Frost, we hope our communications are relevant and create value for our customers and fans—yes, we are selling a product, but we also represent a lifestyle that we believe in.

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What’s amazing about Lulu Frost is how meaningful our jewelry is. We often recognize brides wearing Lulu Frost on their special day, or notice customers purchasing CODE fine jewelry to wear as a reminder of important life events. Our jewelry strikes an emotional chord with our audience, and that’s pretty powerful. Recently, one of our most loyal and longtime customers called the office to tell us about a piece of Lulu Frost jewelry she wore during a particularly impactful time of her life. She was almost in tears, but she wanted to thank us for creating something unique and special for her. Those are my favorite moments.

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