Artist & Textile Designer, Anna Bradley Coroneo’s Home Tour


Artist and textile designer, Anna Bradley Coroneo, is creative through and through. Everything from her artwork to her fashion sense feels thoughtful and elegant. And as we discovered, her home is no different! Born in Australia with homes in both New York and London, it’s hardly surprising that this globetrotter has curated an exceptional home reflective of her well-traveled soul. Every room in Anna’s Tribeca apartment is rife with travel artifacts, and every nook features hints of the unique “edge” that she and her art have become known for. Read on for this eclectic artist’s take on life as a full-time creative, plus her innovative perspective on design as an art form.

Photography by Trent Bailey[/tps_header]
Were you born with a paintbrush in your hand, or was your interest in the arts something that developed later in life? How did you get your start in photography on top of your role as a painter?
From a young age my parents enjoyed taking my sister and I to art galleries and museums and encouraged my creativity and artistic sensibilities. One of my first memories was being at a gallery with my parents in Germany when I was four years old, and my father asked me if I preferred a yellow or red painting of some psychedelic flowers by Salvadore Dali.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. I am still very close with her to this day. She is a very talented dressmaker and since I was a little girl, we would spend hours in her sewing room, where she taught me all about fabrics and sewing and instilled a love of fashion and textile design. My grandmother also has an incredible garden in Sydney. As a child, I would play with my sister and cousins amongst her exotic flowers. I constantly reference the flowers that I was drawn to at a young age—gardenias, magnolias, monstera deliciosa, azaleas, jasmine, camellias, to name a few.

My interest in photography and painting developed when I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in design at the University of New South Wales. As a student, we were encouraged to think of design with an interdisciplinary approach, whereby all areas of art and design are interrelated. It was there that I first developed printing my paintings onto fabrics, and also to print photographs digitally, which could then be heat-press transferred onto fabrics.

My photographs developed further when I moved to New York to study at Parsons. I was intrigued and fascinated by the pulsating energy of the streets and wouldn’t go anywhere without my camera to capture so many unexpected moments.

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