6 Of The Best Drugstore Beauty Buys For Summer

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Let’s take a moment to break down the best and worst of the summer season. The pros: We love the constant excuse to relax and unwind under the sweet summer sun, take trips to the beach, lounge by the pool and wear flirty sundresses and sandals. And the cons? Well, unfortunately, summer brings with it a host of beauty woes—everything from increased sweat to sun-damaged hair to parched skin. To help you keep these less-than-ideal factors at bay, we’ve rounded up our top six drugstore beauty buys for summer. Add this collection to your daily beauty routine, and your body will be prepared to handle everything that the heat throws at it! Click through the slideshow below to get the scoop and see how our team is making the most of each product.

6 Of The Best Drugstore Beauty Buys For Summer

To continue celebrating all things summer, we’re also giving away a tote bag filled with our favorite beauty products from Procter & Gamble (plus a few other goodies to get you through the season)! In the tote bag, you’ll find Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash, Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Gel Moisturizer Mask, Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner, Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, a portable radio and speaker, striped beach towel and straw hat. To enter, leave a comment below telling us how you’d use one of these products in your beauty regimen this summer. Check back here on this post on July 6 to see who the winner is. Open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be selected at random on July 6, 2015 on this post.

GIVEAWAY WINNER: Congrats to Kim Pincombe-Cole! Please contact Abby at abby.sterling@glitterguide.com.

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Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash ($23 for a pack of 2)

“I can’t stand the idea of lathering up with body washes that are high in sulfates and other harsh chemicals, so I was really excited to give the Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash a try! It contains ten times more moisturizers than other soaps I’ve used; plus, I love the sweet scent. It’s especially great for hydrating your skin post-sun.” – Taylor

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

  • The Secret Clinical Strength deodorant would be amazing for days at the US Open where it’s blistering hot!

  • I always think of the winter as being drying on my skin, but summer sun, heat, and layers of sunscreen cause damage, too. I would definitely benefit from a gel moisturizer ! That works overnight? Added bonus!

  • I love an overnight mask. After a long day in the sun, do a double cleanse to remove all traces of sunscreen and apply the Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Gel Moisture Mask. Wake up to luminous, revitalized skin!

  • The Moisture Mask sounds fabulous to help keep my face from getting and feeling dried out from the hot Summer weather!

  • These product are exactly what I need for the summer time! Body wash to exfoliate, cream to moisturize, and deodorant for those hot days!

  • The deodorant would be perfect (and much needed) since I ride my bike to and from work everyday.

  • I would use the strawberry body wash in the morning before I go out and after a day at the beach. It looks and and sounds amazing!

  • I already use the Secret Clinical Strength deodorant – it keeps me smelling good even when I’m running around the lakes.

  • I have always wanted to try an overnight mask. The Olay Regenerist mask looks awesome. That would be a perfect way to deal with the stress I put on my skin during the day. Particularly in humid Chicago this summer.

  • I need a good beach hat to keep the sun off my face – this could be the summer I finally avoid a sunburn!

  • Love starting the day feeling fresh. The Olay Outlast Body Wash sounds hydrating and refreshing.

  • I haven’t tryed any of those products…I’m curious about the exfoliating tool and the moisturizer!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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  • The Overnight Gel Moisturizer Mask would be a lifesaver after a long day in the sun!

  • after being in sun all day at beach I’d love using the hydrating mask ahh

  • I love wide tooth combs and hand loofah is great in combo with shaving your legs.

  • What *wouldn’t* I be able to do with those fantastic products??? ? I live in the Phoenix desert, so I need all the moisture I can get, and don’t even get me started on sun protection and sweat! ? Fab giveaway, thanks!

  • My hair has a rough go of it in the summer. Between humid cities, dry beaches, sand, salt, wind, smog, and the never ending spraying of sunscreen (I’m quite pale), it deserves some rest and recuperation now and again. The Herbal Essences Illuminating Shampoo is just what it needs to built back it’s strength and shine during the long summer months.

  • I swear by these deodorants! especially clinical strength stress response. Great for hectic days at the office!

  • I would use the overnight mask all the time this summer. I love using a gel because it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and rejuvenated and of course you can’t beat the drugstore price!

  • While I love spending my summer days out in the sun (beach lover here!), my skin always ends up worse for the wear. The Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Gel Moisturizer Mask would help my skin recover at night, so I can do it all over again the next day!
    ~ kimpcole{at}att{dot}net

  • Now that the sun is shining and summer is here, I can mostly be found by the water. This means slices of juicy watermelon, polaroids, floppy hats, and yes, salty mermaid hair. Weather it’s the pool or the waves, your hair always seems to pay. Coming home to a tangled mess is no fun, and that is why a wide tooth comb is a definite necessity for me this summer. Running this baby through your hair after you splash around helps dramatically when youn want to clean up later. It helps get those stubborn notes out of your hair that makes your hair a stress free one. One tip I have always used is before you get in the pool, wet your hair and run a wide tooth comb through your hair. This works like magic and helps restore your hair to its former glory after its battled chlorine. Any wide tooth comb will work, but my personal favorite is Mason Pearson’s wide tooth comb is my personal favorite and I am always sure to pack one in my bag! Happy Summer!
    XOXO Devon

  • I’d love to use the gel mask to rehydrate my skin after long days in the sun!

  • With the intense heat and working out the secret clinical strength deodorant would help a ton! But with my very blonde hair so would the sun hat. And the moisturizer looks to die for especially after a long day at the pool!

  • Definitely could use the body wash and loofah to freshen up my feet after spending so much time walking to the farmers market and all the little shops near my new house in sandals…

  • Their all great products! I would Luv to use the Olay Fresh Outlast Bodywash everyday to help calm my dry itchy skin, a great start & perfect ending for a long summer day!!!

    • I’m so pitiful I don’t even know how to use some of these products ie gel mask… I’d love to find out how to use them and incorporate them into my severely lacking beauty regime.

  • Secret Clinical Strength deodorant is my savior in the summer when it gets hot and sticky in New England! Not to mention after a long day on the beach, my face could use the gel moisturizer!

  • I’ve been dying to find a good overnight moisturizer! The gel moisturizer sounds heavenly!

  • I have very long, purple/blue/pink hair. I love summer, but the sun, salt, and chlorine wreak havoc on my already bleach-damaged hair. It seems after a day in the ocean or pool i am always pulling my impossibly tangled hair into a messy knot and going about the rest of my day knowing that my hair looks ridiculous. The Cricket Ultra Clean wide tooth comb plus some detangling spray would be an essential for my post swim clean up, because its design is more gentle on fragile hair than a brush or normal comb. Plus, it’s super cute and a perfect color for the summer.

  • The wide tooth comb would be great to have…. just a quick brush after my shower and air dry for some summer beachy waves. and I wouldn’t dry my hair out with any products!

  • Let’s be honest… I’m going to be needing the Olay body wash and Secret deodorant to keep away a serious case of the stinkies, as I’m upping a workout regime to be bathing-suit confident. Sudsing up will be key! This all sounds super relaxing and hydrating for the hot months ahead.

  • I a going to include the Gel moisture mask which I need so bad. I was on vacation last week at the beach and now my face is so dull, damaged and acne.

  • I use a wide-tooth comb after every shower, but I love the grip on this one! I need to get this now! I also like the convenience of the loofah sponge pads. I find that traditional loofahs are hard to hold when full of water but this looks great, especially before applying some fake tanner.

  • Would love to try that clinical strength deodorant – the summer heat makes it tough to stay fresh all day! Great giveaway :)

  • I would use the Olay gel moisturizer mask to counter the drying effects of the sun.

  • I love the moisturizer and clinical strength deodorant. They are both perfect for the dry, hot summer!

  • I would love the cute vintage-inspired portable speakers to play our summer playlist while we grill and soak in those summer-evening rays.

  • I ONLY use Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant! Believe me, I’ve tried other ‘so called Clinical Strength’ and my suggestion would be, don’t waste your money!! I live in balmy Florida and it works!!

  • I’m starting to really be conscious of what I put my skin through everyday. I would love to use an overnight gel mask to give my skin back the moisture and nutrients it needs! Who doesn’t love to wake up to beautiful radiant skin?

  • I would love to use the shampoo and conditioner to get out of my current hair rut and into a new smell-good summer routine!

  • Would love the shampoo and comb for my thick hait after a day at the beach. Plus the towel and radio would be great there too.

  • I’d use the Olay gel mousturizing mask – being out in the sun all days dries out my skin!

  • I’m a girl on the go but I gotta stay fresh..so for me, deodorant is something so presh! YKWIM?? I need something tough girly and not so rough. So for my summer regime, I need Secret..the Clinical Strength style..so I will stay dry while running those extra miles! Or paddle boarding or jet skiing on a sunny day…you already know this girl won’t let sweat get in her way! ??

  • I use a gel moisturizer already and the gel mask sounds amazing for the summer heat!

  • Definietly I would use the herbal essence rejuvenating shampoo to moisturize my dry hair from a day at the beach, pool, or even a work day.

  • I would use the Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash. I already use Olay’s body lotion and love it! My skin always feels smooth and hydrated (which is important since I live in the desert)!

  • As a curly hair girl two of these products are perfect for my summer hair routine. A wide tooth comb is a must for getting out tangles in the shower since I don’t even own a brush. I don’t shampoo my hair very often, maybe once a week, because my hair needs its own oils to stay healthy so I want what I do use to be gentle and nourishing – which the Naturals Rejuvinating Collection by Herbal Essences has down perfectly!

  • In celebration of summer, I would use the speaker and towel when I’m vacationing in Malibu. The idea of such a perfect day would be such a huge part of a fun summer. Music brings joy and sets the mood – happy, sullen, playful, etc. By just looking at the towel, I can tell that it is made of a soft fabric that won’t be harsh against my just salty-watered body. And, when I get home after a long day at the beach, I will use the Olay mask to revive my dry skin from the sea and use the body wash to moisturize my body and make it smell like strawberries (which is a HUGE bonus!).

  • I’ve always wanted to try a gel moisturizer and I’m all about an overnight skin treatment! It also has some key nutrients in it that’s great for skin.

  • I am all about exfoliating. Especially during these hot summer days and nights when I’m showing a little more skin. Nothing like gorgeous, soft, sun-kissed skin to feel extra beautiful!

  • I love spending my summer days out in the sun and have picnic with my boyfriend. With the colorful towel, it will make my picnic more delightful.

  • The Natural Rejuvenating Collection looks like the perfect antidote to summer toughness on hair!

  • I would use the Clinical Strength Deodorant…it’s literally the only anti-perspiration that I’m able to wear during the scorching hot summer days! Pick me pick me! :-)

  • I would love taking a cool shower with the Olay Outlast body wash this summer!

  • That hat would go great with protecting from the sun rays of this surely hot summer sun. I have quite a few Bermuda shorts and tanks and cool maxi dresses that would go perfect with that beaute!! Good luck to all.

  • Oh gosh, I’ve been wanting to try the clinical strength deodorant! I love herbal essences and the body wash… But I haven’t tried those smells! Also, I turned 30 this year, time to get serious about my moisturizer. Pick me! Pick me!

  • The wide tooth comb would be great to carry in a bag to the pool or beach to use on my curly hair. I use regular suave deodorant would love to try the clinical strength

  • Summer is for road trips! And both the body wash and the clinical strength deodorant would be perfect to help me stay fresh with hours on the road still ahead!

  • I’m about to move to a desert climate that is 100+ degrees most days, and I have to bike 8 blocks to campus daily. The secret clinical strength deodorant would be a lifesaver for keeping me fresh. And the hat would be a blessing to keep my face from getting too much sun.

  • The Herbal Essenses shampoo + conditioner is definitely my favorite product in this collection because I have SUPER thick, curly, and wavy hair. It’ll help calm my lions mane! Not to mention how great the Olay gel moisturizer will be for my constant dry skin!

  • I’d love a moisture gel mask for my dry skin especially after days spent at the pool this Summer. I’d use the gel moisture mask to hydrate my parched summer skin and give it back its glow.

  • I’d definitely use the Secret deodorant to stay fresh while being outside this summer.

  • The body wash sounds perfectly summery, and I would love to give the mask a try.

  • I love the moisture overnight mask. After a long day in the hot sun, it would definitely show it’s results by hydrating my dry skin!

  • The tote will be the perfect summer bag to throw my spin shoes or my yoga mat in and head to class!

  • I would use the Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Gel Moisturizer Mask to rehydrate my skin and keep it bright and radiant after a long day at the beach soaking up the rays! Nothing quenches my skin quite like an overnight mask!

  • I would get great use out of the moisturizing mask, the skin on my face goes through a lot from being in the sun at Track meets all day. I have naturally dry skin so this would be a great addition to my skin regimen.

  • The Olay body wash would be perfect to cool off and soften my skin after a hot day in the sun by the pool :)

  • While I am sure Olay is a great product, try Dove’s body wash! So thick and creamy with a wonderful scent. Doubles as a great shaving cream for legs and under arms too!

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