Our Fourth Of July Menu

[tps_header]Our Fourth Of July Menu

Let’s make a pact to go all out this Fourth of July weekend! Sure, hot dogs and hamburgers are delicious—but why not seize the day and spend a little extra time perfecting a celebratory meal? For us, this weekend calls for fireworks, friends and finer buffet fare than expected (think: homemade lobster rolls, fruity ice pops and a watermelon salad packed with delicious locally-sourced ingredients). If you’re ready to branch out, try our carefully curated Fourth of July menu on for size—with it, we guarantee a special holiday filled with tons of flavor and fun!

Photo: Natalie Franke[/tps_header]
Lobster Rolls Two Ways

(via “Style Me Pretty,” photo by Erin McGinn)

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Author: Carrie Waller

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