Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nursery Tour


Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nursery Tour

As the founder of her own P.R. agency, Connie Wong has a 24/7 job. And she recently took on another full-time role: motherhood! Connie and her husband welcomed their first child—a darling little girl—into the world last month, and they’ve since been working to bring balance to their changing routines. One thing that’s helped make the transition a bit easier? The gorgeous new nursery they designed! From pretty wallpaper to custom-framed art, the space is a one-of-a-kind retreat for this new family of three—and we got the exclusive first look! Click through the slideshow below for some insights from this glowing mama, including her tips for designing a chic yet practical nursery space. 

Photography by Jessica Burke

Wallpaper // Crib // Dresser // Baskets // Lamp // White chair // Mobile

As the president of Moderne Press, you are likely being pulled in a million different directions daily! What made you decide to take the leap and found your own P.R. agency, and how do you think starting a family will change your perspective as a business owner? 
Launching Moderne Press was a bit serendipitous! After leaving a beauty-related social media position (back when social media was still a “baby”Instagram and Pinterest didn’t even exist!), I was freelancing for various P.R. agencies in L.A. Throughout my career, I had encountered talented designers and wonderful small businesses who couldn’t afford the price tag of big P.R. agency retainers, but who could really benefit from having a P.R. partner. I was inspired to pitch my services to a few up-and-coming designers and brands, and, happily, that’s how I started Moderne Press.

From working closely with editors to seeing our brands placed in the media, I love P.R.! However, it can be a 24/7 job, as we are (happily) always “on call” for the media. In regard to starting a family, the biggest shifts will likely be in my day-to-day schedule-managing priorities as I try to be even more time-efficient and find a new work-life balance.


Abstract print // Ocean/beach photo // ‘Sunset by the Seashore’ print // Alphabet print // ‘Dream Big’ print

What is your favorite part about living in the East Bay area?
The East Bay is seeing a lot of exciting developments right now, from amazing boutiques to delicious new restaurants. We’re always discovering new spots to check out!

Living in the East Bay also affords us a bit more room for our growing family—but it’s still only a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco, so getting into the city is fairly easy.

What was your inspiration for the nursery design?
My husband and I decided early on that we wanted to create a gender-neutral space that was light, fresh and cheerful. I love bright spaces, but the nursery has only two (albeit large and floor-to-ceiling) windows in one corner. Therefore, I wanted to use a lot of white as a base (which I balanced out with a bright minty green color and a bit of gray). I actually started with our fun Land of Nod baskets, then found this amazing wallpaper, which inspired us to go with a loose stars-and-moon theme.


Describe the nursery in three words.
Bright, cheerful, sweet.


Can you paint us a picture of a typical day in your life? 
No day is the same, which is the beauty of P.R.! However, my day typically begins with my email. Before I even get out of bed, I’ll scroll through to see if there are any urgent emails that need my attention. From there, I’ll get ready for the day, eat a quick breakfast and head into the office. Upon arriving, I’ll check my email again before touching base with my team about the day’s tasks and activities. And then we’re off! The day can vary from there, from client strategy calls to new business meetings. But the one constant is that we are always communicating with the media, from pitching stories and products to facilitating media requests.

Oftentimes, I’ll stay late to work on administrative tasks that don’t get accomplished during the 9-to-5 work hours. But I try to prioritize having dinner with my husband every night, as well as attending a twice-weekly yoga class to maintain a healthy (both mental and physical) balance.

Since the baby’s arrival, this has already changed!


What must-have product would you tell new or expecting mothers to buy? 
Get some SwaddleMe wraps! These make swaddling a cinch.

Glider // Pouf // Cart

What is your favorite element of the space?
I love all the framed art! We worked with Framed & Matted for the custom framing, which was such an easy way to not only personalize the space but also add balance and color.

We especially love the wallpaper and framed art! Can you tell us a bit more about those details? What are your favorite resources for children’s accessories and furniture?
The gorgeous wallpaper is by Chasing Paper. It’s a beautiful stars-and-moon pattern that can grow with our baby. Best of all, it’s removable! I wanted to do an accent wall to create an impactful burst of color in the room, but my husband didn’t want to install anything too permanent. This wallpaper was the perfect solution—very impactful, easy to install and (down the road) a breeze to remove!

The rest of the room remained completely white, with lots of angles and cutouts. Our solution for filling the blank spaces: mixing some kid-centric art with pieces that we personally love. The custom framing company Framed & Matted had already installed a gorgeous gallery wall in our office space, so I knew what art could do for the nursery. I worked with the company again when framing the nursery art.

We bought some art pieces and also made a few ourselves. I was inspired to recreate the “Good Morning” and “Good Night” featured in this post. All it took was a fantastic font, a little Photoshop and Art.com to inexpensively create some kid-friendly art to fill one of the empty walls! We also mixed in gorgeous prints that we loved by Britt Bass Turner, Honey & Bloom and Zak Noyle.

For basic furniture and accessories, Land of Nod, aden + anais, and Ikea are great resources! We also shopped a lot in small boutiques, like Babyletto for our crib or blabla for toys.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to add extra-personal touches to her nursery space?
Add at least one custom element to your space—it will make it feel so much more personalized! In addition to the framed art, my friend Malorie (of Cameo P.R.) gifted us a beautiful custom mobile by Baby Jives Co that was just perfect for the room and for us.

What moments have you cherished most with your newborn daughter so far? What are you most looking forward to?
Even though having a newborn is exhausting, I’m trying to cherish all the quiet moments with her—whether she’s eating or just needs a little cuddle. I also love seeing her interact with her dad, and seeing this new love emerge from my husband.

I can’t wait to see more of her personality, and to hopefully help her grow into a beautifully kind, smart, caring person.

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Author: Carrie Waller

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