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Moms are busy—so busy that sometimes, they forget to eat. I know that’s sometimes the case for me. I’m busy thinking about my daughter, the dog, emails, photo shoots, etc., that I tend to come last on the list. There are even days when I realize it’s 4 p.m. and I forgot to have lunch—not the healthiest habit.

There are two things that help me with my neglected lunch routine: scheduling lunch play dates with my mom friends, and keeping Nourish Snacks on hand. Sometimes we even combine the two together and it’s an all-around tasty time. Even though the Nourish Snacks are mainly for us moms, there are several flavors that the kids love to get their tiny hands on.

When Nourish Snacks first asked about sending me their pre-packaged snacks to try, I was apprehensive. Typically, I’m not keen on packaged snack foods as they are notorious for being full of unhealthy ingredients. But it’s not always easy to make time to stock the fridge with super healthy snack options and it can be a challenge to find ones to grab when you’re a hectic mom on the go. Nourish Snacks have been awesome for those moments. Plus, they are healthy and so yummy.

Created by NBC’s TODAY Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, Nourish Snacks can be found in select Starbucks locations or ordered online. They are made with wholesome ingredients and packed with protein, antioxidants and fiber. Plus, they are dairy-free and gluten-free—things that make moms happy for the times their little ones want to share their snacks (just make sure they are eating ones that aren’t potential choking hazards).

Even on days like the one shown here (when we moms get together for a healthy picnic with our kiddos!), it’s great to have the snacks packed for those moments when we need a pick-me-up before or after lunch. Or, honestly, even as a part of our lunch. It’s really a win-win. I’ve also found them particularly helpful when I’m frazzled and jetting to a work meeting and don’t have time to eat.

They are all delicious. I’ve think I’ve tried every flavor. Although I do have some favorites: “Coco’nilla Crunch,” “Berry’d Treasure,” and “Miss Popular,” are at the top of my list.  —Taylor Sterling 

Glitter Guide readers can get 10% off their Nourish Snacks purchase with the CODE: GLITTERGUIDE at checkout!

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Photography: Em the Gem 
Picnic Lunch: Supper at Six 

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