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Let us be the first to tell you that the home of Charlotte Hale is probably going to be the stuff of your daydreams. Filled with subtly sweet character and the kind of stylish decadence that makes us design lovers swoon, Charlotte has created a home of which she and her family can truly be proud. As the founder of breezy apparel brand Plum Pretty Sugar, it’s easy to see where her inspiration comes from. Charlotte’s instincts for fresh design and her penchant for playful, personal details at work seamlessly carry over into her home, and the result is a collection of spaces that welcome an easygoing lifestyle. Without further ado, we welcome you into the classically casual and cool Hale household.

Photography by Monica Wang

First, we are dying to know more about your apparel brand, Plum Pretty Sugar! Do you remember the moment you first had the idea? When did it launch?
Plum Pretty Sugar was introduced in 2009 but it existed in my heart for a long, long time before it came to life. It was an idea and a concept that I thought about and dreamed of and really spent some time with before bringing it forward. I wanted to be certain it was something that was sensible for the market but also something exciting and new. I do remember waking up one day and thinking, “Okay, this is it. It might be right!”



Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the consumer product and beauty industries? What did you study in school, and how did it get you to where you are today?
I love consumer products, and the idea of what something is and what the market needs—or what people don’t yet know they need. I love the trends, the psychology and the creativity required to bring something physical for purchase into a marketplace.

I have degrees in business, communication and fashion—I spent many years in school! I really value education and believe strongly in studying and working hard—and believe it’s important for my children, too!

I began my career in marketing for a product that, back then, was named Balance Bar. Kraft Foods ultimately purchased the Balance Bar brand and I was relocated to establish it within the Kraft Foods system. From there, I moved into luxury beauty where I also had my own business, and finally into this Plum Pretty Sugar category.



Describe your personal style in three words. Do these words carry over to Plum Pretty Sugar?
Feminine, uncomplicated and classic. And yes, they do carry over to Plum Pretty Sugar!


What’s one thing that we’ll always find in your pantry?
There are definitely some staples in my pantry—mainly snacks for my children and snacks for my husband. They are snack eaters! For me, I keep bottled water in the pantry—I prefer it to be room temperature.



Looking from one impeccable room to another in your home, it’s amazing to note that you have three dogs—not to mention two children and one on the way! What are your tips to fusing beautiful style with pet ownership and raising a young family?
I think it really begins with a vision and from there, altering it to meet pet and child needs just slightly. My husband and I knew what we wanted to accomplish and capture in our home initially—the feeling and the look. Once I knew that, I went about reshaping furniture to have less hard edges and began sourcing fabric options that were wipeable, washable and able to withstand a little wear and tear.

For instance, the stools in our kitchen are made with an outdoor fabric and can be easily wiped down. Our floors on the ground level are light in color but they’re mottled so that pet dirt shows less. We also try to create happiness and comfort in our home and for us, that means keeping things minimal but pretty—all at once.



What was the overall goal with the design of your home? In other words, what ideal remained at the center of your design plan throughout the process?
I strove to keep it light-infused and unfussy but with our family and our future family in mind. I drew inspiration from my husband’s childhood love of horses and my own love of the beach. I tried to create something that could be a happy, easy place to live.


What’s your favorite thing to serve for dinner?
Oh, gosh. If I’m honest, I’m not always home in time for dinner—boys are hungry early! But when I am, I think it is really about being together and sharing moments from the day.



Spill! What are your top three resources for luxury home goods? And what about your top three picks for luxury wardrobe pieces?
Home: Restoration HardwareWisteriaHorchow

Fashion: ShopbopNordstromRevolve



How has motherhood changed your life? And how have you managed to juggle life as a mom and business owner?
Being a mom adds a happy balance to life. It fills me with a deep joy and an urgent passion in some ways. It gives this life purpose and a broader understanding of what it all means. And so in business, motherhood seems to push me to create something meaningful that my children will be proud of.





What are you reading right now?
My time these days is often spent reading for business, but one day early on in this pregnancy, I was not feeling well and spent the day in bed with a beautiful book by Jodi Picoult called “Leaving Time.” It was about elephants and their capacity for emotion. I cried and cried that day—that book touched my heart.

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