Glitter Guide x Thimblepress Product Spotlight: “You Look Great” Print

glitter guide x thimblepress

We all have those days when we just feel “blahour hair isn’t cooperating, our skin is angry or we feel like we could use a good night’s rest. But most of the time, we’re just our own worst critics, and we forget to acknowledge that we actually look pretty fabulous. That’s where the Glitter Guide x Thimblepress “You Look Great” print comes in handy! It serves as a fun and friendly reminder, especially on the days that we could use a confidence booster.

We love the idea of framing and displaying this print in an area in which we often get ready, but it will look adorable throughout the entire house (especially a guest room or bathroom). It also makes for a sweet gift!

This print is available on To learn more about our collaboration with Thimblepress, head here.

Photography: Delbarr Moradi

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