Julie Turkel Abrahamson’s Stylish, Kid-Friendly Home In New York

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Meet Julie Turkel Abrahamson, mother of two and the founder of luxury kids consignment website, Girls On Greenwich, which is set to launch next month. Not surprisingly, Julie’s schedule has a lot to pack in, what with her dueling roles as mom and entrepreneur. So, when it came to matters of design at home, Julie chose to team up with Homepolish interior designer, Erica Riha, in order to bring her dreams of a cohesive and happy space to life. Beginning in the girls’ shared bedroom, Julie and Erica managed to craft a kid-friendly space that played well with Julie’s minimalist instincts. From there, the tendency for personalized yet pared-back style seeped into the rest of the apartment, resulting in a clean, cozy home that the entire family could enjoy. Below, Julie shares a peek into the design process, plus a few insights into her life as mother and shop owner.

Photography by Samantha Goh and Claire Esparros


Take us through the process of designing your home with the Homepolish team. How did you and your designer, Erica, come up with a plan that suited both your taste and your family’s lifestyle?
Erica and I bonded immediately over our neat-freak tendencies, and we identified organization and functionality as being one of the top priorities in our decision making. I already had great furniture pieces from Knoll, Paul McCobb, Ligne Roset and Oeuf for the kids, and a fun collection of art, area rugs and decorative objects. Erica helped me go through it all and decide what furniture items to shift around, what items I no longer needed and where to place the art, decor and rugs that I already had. Then, after we figured all of that out, we filled in the gaps and chose a few new pieces of furniture with both style and functionality in mind. That included the comfy chair in the girls’ room and the Ikea wardrobe in the entryway. At the end of the day, we realized that I didn’t have to spend much to achieve my goals of having a comfortable, functional family apartment that reflected my taste.

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