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Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Have you been craving some light and bright, neutral inspiration for your space? Step into Cristina Palomo-Nelson’s world and you’re sure to find plenty. These days, the co-creator of footwear brand FREDA SALVADOR is busy juggling motherhood and her own business, yet she still manages to maintain an effortlessly cool home and personal style that’s chock full of rustic details and natural touches—all of which are worth noting for replication, no matter what kind of space you live in.

Along with her friend and business partner, Megan Papay (keep an eye out for her home tour next week!), Cristina gathers inspiration from the natural world, travel and even menswear—she can’t get enough of that simple, functional look, a perspective we’re now feeling extra inspired by. We caught up with the detail-oriented style maven to talk clothes, beauty and motherhood, and below you’ll find all the dreamy photos and details.

Written by Mackenzie Patterson
Photography by Em the Gem

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

What’s it like to build upon your footwear brand, FREDA SALVADOR, alongside friend, Megan Papay? How do you divide and conquer your tasks?
Incredible! I feel so blessed everyday that I am able to do what I love and have such an amazing partner to do it with. We balance each other out really well. We are lucky there are two of us to share all the highs and lows.

Our tasks are divided pretty naturally based on our strengths and interests. Megan is so creative and has the ability to think so much farther out of the box than anyone I know. She kills it at brainstorming all things marketing and branding related. I focus more on the back end work, like designing our graphics, managing our factory relationships and overseeing other high level operations. When it comes to design we do it together, from conceptualizing and rendering to detailing and fit trials. It’s what we both love most!

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Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

How do you manage the stress that comes with being a working mom? Do you have any go-to organization apps?
I haven’t nailed this one yet! To-do lists help! I downloaded Go Tasks on my iPhone a while back but stopped using it when I wrote “Check ‘Go Tasks'” on my Go Task to-do list! That was not my brightest moment. I guess, at the end of the day, I try to focus on the big picture with both my business and my family. I take deep breaths and try to take the days one at a time. It’s all a juggling act, so on the weekends I try to completely disconnect and focus solely on my family and friends—I treat it as a sacred time.

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

What are five things you can’t live without on a daily basis?
1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. My family
4. A creative outlet
5. Boots!

We love the natural, neutral layers in your home! How did you go about designing a space that suits both you and your family?
I like things to be very organized and decluttered. It relaxes me. My brain is cluttered enough!

Has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mom? What is your daily routine?
I am lucky if I wash my face at night and blow dry my hair in the morning (don’t tell my mom)! I use lots of serum to keep my hair from getting unruly. And I’ve become obsessed with all things moisturizing, especially eye cream. All those sleepless nights weigh on you!

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Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

What are your favorite weekend activities?
Waking up slowly, brunching, spending time with my family and barbecuing with our friends!

What inspires you?
I find inspiration in everything—music, art, nature. But travel is the biggest source of it. What I see on the streets of Milan, Valencia, New York and San Francisco. Menswear is a huge source of inspiration as well—it’s simple and functional. I challenge myself to find a way to twist a classic look into something updated and unique, yet relevant!

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Do you prefer having an established routine when it comes to your schedule and your son’s? Or are you a little more spontaneous and casual?
I need routine to keep me sane. I like knowing what the day will bring and what I can expect! I’m a planner.

What is your go-to outfit?
White T-shirt, distressed denim boyfriend jeans and combat boots.

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide 22

Cristina of Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide 20

What has been the best part about being a mom so far?
Everything! How do I even break it down? Loving a little boy unconditionally, celebrating his every milestone, watching him grow before your eyes—getting to know the little human that came from you and the love of your life!

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