Touring Michelle LeBlanc’s Artistic And Sunny Home

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As the founder of American-made apparel and accessories shop MILLE, Michelle LeBlanc has made it her professional mission in life to hone in on designs steeped in thoughtful artistry. Her appreciation for the types of materials and products that go far beyond the visual and serve to celebrate a deeper experience is something that has manifested itself in her airy, refreshing Minneapolis home. Today, we have the pleasure of touring Michelle’s space—one light-filled room at a time—and we have little doubt that you’ll walk away feeling just as inspired and invigorated as we did.

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What first sparked your interest—and eventual career path—in apparel and accessories?
My mother sewed all my clothes when I was little, and I think going to fabric stores to choose patterns and fabrics made a big impression. I had very strong opinions about what I wanted to wear at a really young age. Plus, I was a military brat, and as the perpetual new kid, clothing became an easy way to communicate who I was—a security blanket so to speak.

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