8 Ways To Drink More Water


For many of us, drinking ‘enough’ water each day is a constant struggle. While there’s not necessarily a magic number or amount we can recommend (some doctors debunk the eight-glasses-a-day rule!), there’s no denying that a high H2O intake is extremely beneficial to our health. Drinking lots of water promotes clearer skin, weight loss, boosted energy levels and a flushing out of bodily toxins. Below, we’re sharing some methods we use when we’re trying to up our water intake. Feel free to add yours in the comments as well. Cheers! 

1. Set reminders. It’s easy to forget about drinking water if you’re always on the go. There are plenty of apps out there for keeping track of water intake (Daily Water Free is a good one). You can also set phone alarms throughout the day to remind yourself to pick up that glass or bottle. Isn’t technology grand?

2. Eat up, buttercup! Did you know that you can technically eat some of your water? It’s true; many fruits and vegetables contain high quantities of H2O. Some of our favorites include cucumbers, celery, lettuce, watermelon, strawberries, and zucchini—yum!

3. Infuse. I recently bought a fruit-infuser water bottle, and it’s a game changer, folks! Personally, I think regular water is a snooze-fest, so I always add in some fruit or veggies to jazz things up. Simplicity is often best—try a couple slices of cucumber and/or a lemon. Don’t be afraid to get creative—there are endless options! Mint is another yummy flavor.

4. Use a straw. This tip is obviously not scientifically proven, but it has definitely helped me boost my water intake. Invest in a reusable straw and give it a try!

5. Consider the weight loss benefits. If you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, water may be the answer. Did you know that starting each day with a glass of lemon water will boost your metabolism levels? Remembering that little tidbit might motivate you to reach for your glass a bit more frequently.

6. Dilute other drinks. Do you prefer juice, iced tea or lemonade? Try diluting these drinks with some water! This probably won’t increase your body’s H2O levels too significantly, but it is an easy start!

7. Buy a new bottle. Just like a cute outfit can inspire us to go to the gym, a cute bottle can motivate us to drink more water. Choose a reusable one that will suit your grab-and-go lifestyle. A great place to find adorable options: ban.do! 

8. Keep water nearby. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. We recommend putting a full pitcher or giant bottle right on your desk (or within easy reach) in the morning. You’ll be more likely to sip on it throughout the entire day!

Copy & photography by 
Arin Agase

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