Our 5 Fall Beauty Bag Swaps

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Let’s face the facts: Changing seasons and weather conditions can make it tough to stay faithful to the same beauty products all year long. Accordinglyour beauty contributor Erin Sousa is here today to talk seasonal swaps. Below, find out what five products get this beauty guru through her summer-to-fall transition. We have a feeling that they’ll also work for you and your revised routine this autumn, so prepare to take notes!

Heading into a new season can throw my beauty regimen a bit out of whack. My fall routine means spending more time indoors (sigh) and getting less sleep thanks to an amped-up schedule. My hair and skin often pay the price for these changes—so this autumn, I’ll be indulging in some cult favorites and a few new-to-the-market multitaskers. And while there’s something so cozy about donning a darker-hued lip as I sip my pumpkin-spice latte, I’m also planning to hold on to just a hint of my summer beauty routine for good measure. Read on for my top five picks for fall!

Crème de la Mer (starts at $170): This stuff is legendary and known to be incredibly thick and moisturizing. It’s a splurge, so I’ll just be using it a few nights a week to help me wake up with dewy skin.

NARS Pro Palette: This customizable palette is NARS’s way of addressing the need for a do-it-all beauty product. Mine is filled with a slew of gorgeous neutral shades, and I feel like a seasoned pro with it on hand for fall! (I also love that if you don’t want to choose your own shades, you can shop one of these curated palettes.)

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in ‘Passionate’ ($49): Marsala is Pantone‘s color of the year, and now is the time for me to incorporate a bit of it into my daily routine. I love pairing a jewel-toned lip with otherwise simple makeup.

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist ($31): OK—so, the packaging is just gorgeous (I’m always a huge sucker for that), but the product inside is also a huge win. Before bed I spritz this on my locks and then twist them into a bun or a braid. I wake up with pretty, tousled waves—almost as if I’ve spent the day at the beach!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance ($34): I’ve learned that foundation primers are really worth all the hype. I’m all about getting an extra dose of radiance (especially since my summer glow will soon be fading!). I put my primer on five minutes before applying foundation so that it can set really well first.

Words and photography by Erin Sousa

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Author: Erin Sousa

Erin is the founder & principal of Sparkle Media, and blogs at The Sparkle. Erin lives in her downtown Vancouver condo with her husband, Roberto, and their dog, Ava. Follow on Instagram!