Touring Jen Smith’s Boho, Family-Friendly Home

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Laid-back neutrals, funky patterns and plenty of plant life are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of bohemian décor. And, for those of you who go gaga for this style, you’ll be happy to note that there’s definitely no shortage of these relaxed elements in Jen Smith’s abode. It’s clear that this creative—the owner of Honey Lake Studio print shop—knows all about establishing an earthy atmosphere filled with unique details and whimsical touches. All it takes is one peek at the romantic florals on the walls or the eclectic mixture of neutral patterned pillows to see that Jen has put her own spin on boho-chic style. Not only is her home full of personality, but even her kids’ fun threads are a testament to the family’s fresh take on color and pattern.

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Take a look at the photos below to see more of Jen’s ultra-cool pad. As a special bonus, Jen is offering Glitter Guide readers 30 percent off on purchases made in the Honey Lake Studio shop! Use code “GGHONEY” to snag your favorite piece with the discount today.

Photography by Laura Foote[/tps_header]
When did you start your photography brand, Honey Lake Studio? Tell us about the process of bringing your business to life.
I started my photography brand, Honey Lake Studio, about five years ago. I had been shooting film and digital for about 13 years at that point, but only for myself, and sporadically at best. I’d say that my business really came to life about a year and a half ago when I opened my print shop. It has really been the perfect marriage of photography and interior styling—which, for me, are my two true loves.

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