How To Apply False Eyelashes

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Our beauty contributor Jamie Stone is back with another step-by-step makeup guide today! Whether you’re planning a chic Halloween costume for the end of the month or already thinking way ahead to your rockin’ New Year’s Eve getup, this false-eyelash tutorial will serve you well.

I’m always the first to admit that I absolutely hate eyelash curlers—but you know what love? False eyelashes! However, because my eyelashes are pretty long and dark to begin with (a humblebrag—but trust me, I’ve got other problems!), I sometimes have trouble applying falsies and making them look natural. I turned to celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick for some advice, and trust me: With his helpful tips, anyone can learn to apply false lashes with ease!

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Practice, practice, practice.
“Even the most experienced makeup artist can mess this up on occasion,” Dimmick says of applying false lashes.
 As long as you’re using decent-quality lashes, feel free to play around with them a bit! Don’t be afraid to take them on and off a few times until you’ve positioned them correctly.

Start with a black gel liner.
Dimmick recommends applying a black gel liner along the base of your lashes: “Nothing is worse than seeing a strip of bare skin between the false lashes and your own lashes.”

Loosen up the false lashes.
“When I take the lashes out of the box, I always bend and roll them around a little to loosen them up before applying any glue,” Dimmick says.

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Put glue on the false lashes directly from the tube.
“Some people like to put the glue on their hand; others apply it with a Q-tip,” Dimmick says. “I prefer to simply spread the glue along the entire length of the false lash right from the tube, making sure I cover both ends well.”

Let the glue dry just a smidge.
This is the most crucial step! Before you begin applying your false lashes, let the glue dry slightly. “This is why I like the white glue,” Dimmick explains. “The white glue slowly starts to fade when it dries—and that’s how I know when the lashes are ready to be applied.”

makeup tutorial

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Attach the lashes.
This is the tricky part. Dimmick recommends starting at the outer corner of the eyelash and working in toward the center. “But please, ladies,” he says, “make sure you apply the false lash right at the root of your own eyelash. This will ensure the most natural-looking results.”

Finish with an eyelash curler.
Once the glue has thoroughly dried, use a large lash curler to “marry” the false lashes and your real lashes.

Written by Jamie Stone
Photos by
Sylvia G Photography

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