Making Time For Yourself As A New Mom

Making More Time For Yourself As A New Mom

Prior to the birth of my daughter, I really enjoyed getting up extra early, sipping my coffee and watching the news before the day began. I knew that would all change once I was tending to an infant, and it certainly has. But while I gave up the idea of mid-week manicures and lazy Sundays spent browsing Pinterest in bed a long time ago, I’ve discovered that taking a few minutes for myself every day is very important to my health and overall well-being. Doing so makes me a better and more relaxed mother—and I know it benefits my daughter, Piper, too!

Finding this time for myself has been challenging during these first few months of motherhood, but I’ve discovered a few ways to sneak it into my schedule. The first is by taking long, hot showers every night after I put Piper to bed. (It’s extra nice when my husband puts her to bed and I can really unwind for a good 20 minutes.) I’ve indulged in new body scrubs—I love this one from One Love Organics—and sometimes I listen to a podcast while showering (Lately I’ve been listening to The Lively Show).

Finding Time For Yourself As A New Mom

I really cherished my morning time before motherhood, so I was determined to find a way to continue enjoying my coffee each day. Enter: the Nuna LEAF seat, which recently changed our routine for the better! I can’t tell you how much Piper loves to sit in this seat, which rocks back and forth with virtually no noise! She’s so interested in the seat’s hanging toys that she’ll stare at them for a good 20 minutes straight. Hello, coffee and the “Today” show! We now follow this routine after every morning feed, and it’s become the best way to start the day—for both of us!

Finding Time For Yourself As A New Mom

When I found out I was pregnant and began registering for baby products, I was really disappointed in a lot of the options available to me. It was so difficult to find functional items that weren’t also aesthetic eyesores! I knew our home would soon be overflowing with “baby stuff,” so I searched high and low for sleek and modern pieces that would mesh well with our furniture. I was really excited when I discovered Nuna, because its products are both beautifully designed and highly functional. These days, the LEAF seat has allowed me to take a few extra minutes for myself—and that’s been the best find of all!  —Caitlin Kruse, Editorial & Partnership Director

Images by Anna Reynal
Rug by Caitlin Wilson 

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • I’m not a mom yet but I can see this chair for babys is quite the best thing ever and very practical! thanks for sharing! xoxo

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