A Charleston Co-Working Studio Tour and Interview With Leapfrog PR

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Charleston, S.C., is a community full of creative entrepreneurs and homegrown businesses that celebrate southern hospitality. Leapfrog PR knows all about the city’s thriving spirit and hopping lifestyle, and the stylish co-working studio where they set-up shop embodies this energetic character.

Ever since they took over the firm in 2008, Libba and Jackie have made their mark on the already-established company. By working with local brands they’re passionate about and starting buzzworthy conversations, they’ve created a business based on the tradition of storytelling—something that will never go out of style (especially in the south!). We toured Leapfrog’s co-working space to get a feel for the place where these narratives begin—and to get the inside scoop on where to find the best fried chicken in town!

Written by Mackenzie Patterson
Photography by Lucy Cuneo

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Where did you get the idea for Leapfrog PR?
We were actually Leapfrog employees first, under founder, Anne Pope. We both lived in New York post-college and landed at Leapfrog a few years after it was founded. We took over in 2008 and since then, have put our spin on what was already a successful lifestyle firm based in Charleston. The name is derived from the expression “leap and the net will appear.”

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Why did you decide to specialize in lifestyle PR and marketing?
Because that is what we are interested in. I think that we are so passionate about the brands we work with because we are their target consumer, and understand how to create buzz where the conversation is happening.

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Many of the brands Leapfrog works with are also based in Charleston. Why do you think it’s important to represent local businesses?
We have an incredibly talented pool of businesses and brands here in Charleston. Collectively, it’s these people who have brought our town into the spotlight. Our job revolves around storytelling and our local clients are rich in narrative. That said, we also work with clients from Portland, Ore., to Thomasville, Ga., and having a diverse mixture of clients—in both genre and location—leads to compelling collaborations. Another facet is that we work with national brands helping to navigate their introduction to the Charleston market. It’s that intriguing mixture of entrepreneurial start-ups and national companies that keeps us energized.

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Why did you choose to work at a co-working space instead of a traditional office?
We are collaborators at the core and it only made sense to further that spirit in our work environment. We love hosting events for local and visiting brands, and a bigger space allows us to do that. We’ve hosted parties for everyone from BURU to RMS Beauty, Taigan to Furbish Studio.

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Do you use any specific apps to stay organized and on top of your to-do list?
Freckle for tracking time, and Dropbox for sharing files.

Spill! What’s your favorite Charleston dish to indulge in?
The tomato tarte tatin from Fig, and when we’re having a late night, the fried chicken biscuit from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.

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How do you celebrate successes as a team?
Usually wine is involved.

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