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I never used to be a morning person. The thought of an early and productive start to the day did not appeal at all to me. I preferred to be warm and snuggly in bed. However, these days I have a toddler who’s an early riser and has to be out the door by 7:30 a.m., which means that I have to be up and alert before the sun has even shown its face. Surprisingly, though, I’ve started to enjoy this process. I’ve actually discovered that I am most productive in the morning, but not before I have my morning cup of coffee. I literally wake up and it’s the first thing I think about.

Because the first part of my morning is pretty hectic with the juggle of emails flooding in, text messages from the east coast and the shuffle of getting my daughter out the door, I need my coffee to be quick but still taste good. So when Nespresso asked if we wanted to test its new Nespresso Evoluo Machine, I gladly accepted. My parents have had a Nespresso machine for years and constantly rave about it, but it only makes espresso. While I occasionally enjoy espresso, my daily beverage of choice is usually coffee. That is why the Nespresso Evoluo (which is part of the VertuoLine™) is so perfect for me. It makes espresso and coffee! I can honestly tell you I have become obsessed with it. It not only features a beautiful design and looks great in my kitchen, but it makes amazing coffee. The coffee is topped with a layer of frothy natural crema, which is a sign of world-class coffee. Basically, the Nespresso Aeroccino+ Milk Frother makes me feel like I have the skills of a talented barista.

Sometimes after the morning hustle, I’ll stop for peaceful quiet time. I make a cup of coffee, sit at the kitchen table and look for inspiration. I may sit and read through magazines (such a luxury these days) and pull out pages that spark ideas, or I’ll organize photo albums (something else that is a rarity). The combination of a delicious cup of coffee and a creative session is so invigorating. It’s a great way to start my day and now, thanks to my new Nespresso machine, I feel like I’m hanging out at my favorite coffee shop.

What’s more, George Clooney is the company’s new ambassador for the “Experience a cup above” campaign. Check him out in this fun video.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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