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Deborah Lippmann is a brand name that we all trust implicitly thanks to the stellar line of products put out by the team, not to mention associations with biggies in the industry such as Vogue, InStyle, Vanity Fair, Donna Karan and Versace. Happily, the woman behind the brand is just as lovable and trustworthy! Below, you’ll find our conversation with Deborah, plus you’ll get an exclusive peek into both her a.m. and p.m. routines.

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Coffee or tea? 

I start my day with the largest iced coffee I can find! My go-to is The Coffee Bean iced coffee with an extra cup of crushed ice to continually refill throughout the day—keeping it cold and refreshing.

What’s your morning beauty routine? 

I j’adore my morning and evening bathroom routines, which allow me to escape to an oasis of calm before and after the day’s storms. In the morning, it takes me all of 15 minutes to get out the door. First, I can’t get to my toothbrush fast enough! C.O. Bigelow’s Marvis Toothpaste is a staple in my bathroom. I wash up with a Clarisonic to get my skin clean and smooth, and exfoliate two to three times per week. I layer a flux of hydrating and moisturizing products and I never leave home without putting on SPF (see below for a more extensive product list). A bit of dry shampoo and de-frizzing, and I’m out the door!

Getting a morning workout in does wonders to help me feel motivated and ready to take on the day. I mix things up by visiting my trainer or joining a dedicated crew at SoulCycle or Flywheel. I also make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and energized.

Favorite a.m. beauty products?

What’s the first website you look at in the morning? 

While I know it’s not a website, Instagram is my morning go-to for checking in on what’s happened in the world while I’ve been asleep! If I turn to the Internet, it’s usually AA.com when I’m on the go (which is often!) or WWD.com to check out the latest fashion and beauty industry scoop.

What’s your morning soundtrack?

It depends on the day and my mood, varying from soothing classical to a little J.T. to get the soul awake! Lately, I’ve been loving this app called Calm, which I discovered at Miraval. It’s. A. Game. Changer! I try to listen to it in bed for a few minutes or later in the cab. It trains you to meditate for two to 20 minutes, and has given me a whole new way to get recentered and put at ease.

What’s for breakfast? 

I tend to cook breakfast for myself, and my go-to is making egg whites with turkey bacon and whole-wheat toast. If I’m treating myself out, The Standard around the corner from my apartment is my favorite breakfast spot.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

Not very long, about 15 minutes or so. I like to keep it simple—light (if any) makeup and easy hair.

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What’s your nightly routine before bed? 

When I have time, I indulge in a long sudsy bath and light a delicious smelling candle (diptyque’s Light Baies Candle). As a performer most of my life, music is a huge passion of mine, so I always have a tune playing, whether to help me relax or to get my groove on! I often set my iPad to random, so it can be anything from Mozart or The Monkees to Jay Z.

I try to cook dinner (Blue Apron) most nights for my husband and I, which gives us a chance to sit down and catch-up. While he is the president of Deborah Lippmann, we try to keep work at a minimum and just enjoy each other. We’ll then watch some re-runs of Modern Family or Will & Grace to give us a good laugh before going to sleep. If I’m being diligent, I try to meditate for a few minutes.

What TV shows, books, podcasts, magazines are you into? 

Who isn’t absolutely obsessed with Empire right now?! It’s so good this season. I also love Scandal and Homeland, and Hollywood Game Night is a classic for me! I always grab the newest issues of Vogue and Allure, but in terms of books, I’m really looking forward to reading Mary-Louise Parker’s new book, “Dear Mr. You.”

What’s your evening beauty routine? 

First and foremost, I take my makeup off every night before starting my skincare routine. I exfoliate a few times a week with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads, but if my skin needs some extra love, I apply La Prairie’s Cellular 3-Minute Peel. It’s so luxurious feeling and works wonders to refresh and renew my skin. My newest find is the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Masks—it brings the most gorgeous glow and dose of moisture to my skin in just 20 minutes. Without question, I apply Latisse and Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream nightly before bedtime.

Favorite p.m. beauty products? 

Favorite bedtime snack? 

SkinnyPop popcorn and Peanut M&Ms.

What’s the last thing you do before you fall asleep? 


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