Essential Oils 101 With Elana Jadallah

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We think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that you’ve heard about essential oils, which have experienced a major rush in popularity recently. “Essentially,” there is an oil for just about every ailment under the sun—from recurrent acne and sleep deprivation, to nausea. So, to help us understand the impact essential oils can have on our health and our beauty routines, we invited Elana Jadallah to take the hot seat and share her thoughts on integrating oils into our everyday lives.

Elana describes herself as an open book, always willing to share her knowledge. So, if after reading through her perspective below, you have any questions, shoot Elana a message at And for more information on essential oils, pop over to Elana’s blog Elanaloo. But first, her thoughts on essential oils and living a beautiful life—both inside and out—are below!

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What is your daily skincare routine?

I am not a huge gal on “routine” but typically, in the morning I use a toner on my face, apply Tea Tree oil to any blemishes I may have and then apply a light, organic moisturizer. Once a week, I try to use an organic coffee scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin off and allow my skin to breathe!

Tell us about your passion for essential oils.

About five years ago, I heard about essential oils. I heard that Tea Tree did wonders for acne and that peppermint was amazing for treating headaches and helping to increase people’s focus. I jumped on them immediately! Now, looking back, I laugh at how little I knew and how naively I entered the world of essential oils. I was so lost and just bought whatever I could find from wherever they were sold (aka big box stores that didn’t specialize in essential oils and that sold low-quality products). Since those naive times, I have done extensive research and have used essential oils to overhaul my life—ridding my home, beauty routine and medicine cabinet of nasty chemicals. I am passionate about them, to say the least! I love sharing about what I’ve found and what works for me.

What is your favorite blend of oils?

Oh, that’s a hard one to answer. I love to blend Stress Away and Joy on my wrists to start my day off. But with the fall months upon us, I have been diffusing a Thieves and Orange blend in my diffuser almost every day. It fills my home with the most cozy, festive smell, all the while cleansing the air and promoting a healthy immune system.

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Do you wear makeup?

Most days, I am working from home, so I rock a naked face. But, for spontaneous date nights with my love, client meetings, coffee dates with fellow creatives or drinks with my gals, I definitely love to put on my makeup and get a little dolled up!

What do you find beautiful in a person?

Beauty inhabits so many facets of people—their intelligence, their kindness, their confidence. Someone that makes you feel something is beautiful to me.

How does your use of essential oils impact your beauty/wellbeing routine?

Essential oils have absolutely transformed my wellbeing. By learning about and using oils to their maximum potential, I have cut out all the harsh, toxic, hard-to-pronounce ingredients from my life (think: acne creams, face washes, toners, soaps, perfumes, medication and the list goes on and on!). Truly, I have loved stepping into a much more healthy, natural way of living.

How do you maintain your essential oil routine while traveling?

Because I teach social media marketing workshops and have family located throughout the country (literally from Maine to Hawaii), I am gone at least once a month and am so thankful that I can take my oils with me! They totally help balance me in the mess of traveling. Some of my vital essential oils for trips are my Thieves spray and hand sanitizer (say sayonara to the nasty ones that dry out your skin), Stress Away roll-on for my not-so-calm airplane moments and Progressence Plus for my hormones.

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Beauty inhabits so many facets of people—their intelligence, their kindness, their confidence. Someone that makes you feel something is beautiful to me.

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Do you have a signature scent?

On any given day, I will probably smell like a mix of Joy and Stress Away (which is a blend of lavender, vanilla, lime and more yummy smells) and Progressence Plus. It’s a sweet and woodsy aroma that I often get compliments on! I love blending my oils and trying out new scents!

What is one unique feature you have that makes you feel beautiful?

My skin. Growing up, I felt like the iconic beauties were most often Caucasian women and I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin. But as I’ve grown older, I have learned to love my olive skin, embrace it and be proud of my heritage.

If we looked in your oils collection, which five do you use the most?

Hmm, probably Lavender, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Stress Away and Lemon. Each oil has so many uses! It doesn’t take many oils to make a collection, but rather the knowledge to use each oil in a variety of ways.

What is something you learned about beauty from your mother?

Oh, what a sentimental question! I am so, so very close to my mother. I am an only child raised by a single mother, so I learned nearly everything I know from her. My mother taught me that beauty is simple and unrefined. That beauty shines—inner and outer—when you are being your most genuine self. She has always taught me that a beautiful woman carries herself well, strives to be her best self and is quietly confidant. My mother is my greatest role model.

What is your beauty bedtime routine?

After wrapping up a day working with my clients and winding down with my man, I love having a cup of tea (not an everyday luxury, but it’s ideal), wash my face with a gentle oatmeal soap and then use toner before applying Tea Tree oil to my blemishes. I then apply a couple drops of Lavender or Cedarwood on the bottom of my and his feet (it works great to help us get a full night of rest). I’m pretty low key, so there’s not much to either of my morning or night routines. I keep it simple, and that works for me.

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Are you intrigued yet? Want to learn even more about essential oils? As a special bonus, Elana has put together a guide to starting your oil journey, so start your collection today!

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