7 Ways To Style Your Fireplace Mantle For The Holidays


One of our favorite things to decorate during the holiday season is the fireplace mantle. It’s practically the unofficial mascot of Christmas. After all, it’s the classic stocking display location and the crowning entryway for the big, round guy we call Santa. Consequently, it deserves tons of love this time of year, and we always look forward to styling the shelf with care and creativity. Below, we’re sharing seven holiday mantle ideas that will have you aching to arrange (and rearrange!) your holiday décor from now until Dec. 25.

holiday mantle ideas

Bright & Easy

You don’t have to go over the top with your holiday décor for it to look festive. Simply lay a green garland and add a few items like a vase with flowers and some candles. It’s easy and effective. Also, stacking a mirror on the mantel is an easy way to brighten the room and make it appear larger.

(The Inspiration: A Bright Holiday Mantle with Pottery Barn)

holiday mantle ideas 2

Use Real Flowers

If you want to create a truly unique holiday mantle, try using fresh garland and flowers. It requires more upkeep, but it’s worth it. This is also a lovely option for those who don’t have a mantle but still want to decorate above the fireplace. You can use the garland to cover the temporary plastic hooks to hang your stockings.

(The Inspiration: Cookies & Cocoa: Kids’ Christmas Party)

holiday mantle ideas 6

Go All Green

Sticking to a theme is an easy way to make the look feel intentional. One option is to choose a single color to highlight. We love the idea of fresh greens and a few white flowers. It’s simple, yet dramatic at the same time. This type of theme will leave a good impression without too much work or investment.

(The Inspiration: Setting A Winter Table With Camille Styles)

holiday mantle ideas 3

Add Glamour

If you’re looking for something a bit more snazzy for your own styled mantle, pick a glamorous theme for your shelf. Layer metallic gold and silver baubles, then finish by styling a few cocktail glasses and drinks right there on the mantle. Overall, this look calls for a toast by the fire.

(The Inspiration: A Glam Holiday Mantle With Pottery Barn)

holiday mantle ideas 4

Hang Holiday Photos

If you have a non-working fireplace, don’t consider yourself omitted from this exercise. You can still make the most of your faux mantle by hanging holiday cards from it. It’s a really great way to showcase all of that pretty snail mail, plus you don’t have to worry about flammability like you would if your fireplace sported real flames! We also love the idea of using these firefly lights to give it added holiday sparkle.

(The Inspiration: 2 Ways To Style Holiday Cards)


Bright & Bold

If you want to do something a bit more bold and unexpected, try picking a non-traditional holiday color (like navy) as a theme. Then, go the extra yard by styling oversized baubles inside different objects you have around the house (think: vases, hurricane glasses and bowls).

(The Inspiration: Home For The Holidays With HGTV’s Em Henderson)

holiday mantle ideas 7

Simply Classic

The easiest and most classic way to style a fireplace mantle is with a green garland. We love how Jacin Fitzgerald left it clean in her own home, and added nothing more than a pretty piece of art to get the idea across. It’s stylish without being too fussy.

(The Inspiration: Decorating For The Holidays With Jacin Fitzgerald)

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  • Sadly I don’t have a fireplace, but we hang our stockings on the credenza our TV is on. They’re covered in huge sequins so they’re pretty festive all by themselves!

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