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Christina Zilber & Her Home

In a world full of bold, loud hues, Christina Zilber’s style is a rare nod to classic femininity and timeless simplicity. Her social media initiative, #bringbackpretty, is all about women letting their natural beauty shine through, which just so happens to be the same maxim behind her business, Jouer Cosmetics.

With this love for simplicity in mind, Christina has built her line of personalized cosmetic products, offering customizable palettes for every kind of beauty. With such a keen eye for effortless elegance, it’s no wonder that her home is full of chic French details, blush pink tones and plenty of luxe touches. Read on to find out more about Jouer and Christina’s beauty philosophy!

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Why did you decide to create your brand, Jouer Cosmetics?

I’m totally makeup-obsessed, and as a model, I used to sit in the hair and makeup chair and take notes on everything the makeup artist used on me. An artist once put together a palette of lipsticks for me that she’d used on set, and I was thrilled. I took it to the next step and started hand filling empty palettes with solid foundations, concealers, cream blushes, etc. I loved the idea of makeup on the go, but found palettes on the market limiting. I started to obsess over the idea of customized palettes, and thus the idea of Jouer was born.

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Tell us about your beauty philosophy!

I’m all about enhancing your natural beauty—not masking or hiding behind your makeup. I recently started an initiative on my Snapchat and Instagram supporting this philosophy, #bringbackpretty. In today’s world with so much loud makeup and crazy colors, I’d love to make a little noise with soft, pretty natural-looking makeup. Who’s with me?

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In today’s world with so much loud makeup and crazy colors, I’d love to make a little noise with soft, pretty natural-looking makeup. Who’s with me?

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If you could only use one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hands down, concealer. I love concealer and carry it with me daily because I need it. All of Jouer concealers have superior coverage, plus skincare ingredients. Whether you’re battling dark circles, discoloration, blemishes (or all!), Jouer’s got ingredients to treat while covering.

Lipstick or lip liner?

Is that an either/or question? I can’t live without lip liner, but once the liner’s on, I love a good lipstick—then a dab of gloss on top. If it’s the right nude shade with shimmer, it has my name all over it. When I wear lipstick, it has to be a moisturizing formula to help make my lips look fuller and hydrated throughout the day. Stay tuned for the new Jouer lip development debuting this spring!

Mascara or eyeliner?

Hello! What’s one without the other? I swear by eyeliner to bring out my eyes. I usually swipe Jouer’s Eyeshadow Crayon in Venetian along my top idshes, in my bottom waterline and smudged into the outer lower corner lashes. Then, I top with two coats of mascara. The more the merrier. Because I have deep-set eyes, mascara tends to smudge on me, so I developed a mascara that lasts all day without smudging or flaking.

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Tell us about your space! What’s the inspiration behind it?

My home is a reflection of my lifestyle and travels. I want it to be warm and welcoming, as I love to entertain, but comfortable because I’m raising kids and don’t want to live in a museum. I love light. The more light, the better, so you’ll find a lot of white walls in my home. My décor is clean, feminine and classic, yet modern. I love a good mix of iconic black-and-white fashion photography paired with modern accent pieces with a splash of pink thrown in.

What’s your favorite detail in your home?

I’ve got a wall in my bedroom that I call the “Wall of Fames,” with framed photos of my great-great-grandparents, my parents, my brother, my kids, my dogs—basically my family going back through the years. It’s just off my closet so I walk by it every day. It reminds me that those who matter the most are always close by.

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A little bird told us you and your daughter, Amélie, just launched your own mother-daughter YouTube channel! Could you tell us a bit about that?

After watching countless beauty vlogs together, Amélie and I were inspired to start a YouTube channel ourselves because, of course, we’re beauty-obsessed! We think it’s the first of its kind—a mother/daughter beauty channel. It’s been so much fun, but I give credit to content creators. Making videos is a lot more work than we ever anticipated. At the end of the day, it’s a great way to spend time together working on a project we both love.

How does traveling inspire you? What have you learned about beauty from your travels?

Travel definitely inspires me—on a personal level, but also in regards to Jouer. I recently visited Japan with my kids and noticed the style of makeup is so different. Women wear more blush, and enlarge their eyes with a lot of mascara and liner. France, of course, is all about great skin. The French spend more money on skincare than any other country, so they don’t cover it up with heavy foundations. Wherever I travel, I always hit the local beauty counters and pharmacies and bring home beauty souvenirs.

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Tell us about the volunteer work you do with UNICEF!

I’ve been a proud member of the board of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF for about eight years. I became involved with the organization after the Southeast Asian tsunami and then Katrina. In both cases, UNICEF was on the ground and helping children survive and cope through horrendous disasters. UNICEF is the leading organization for child’s survival and, the more I work with the organization, the more dedicated I feel. I’ve been given the opportunity to visit UNICEF’s work in several countries including Ethiopia, Bolivia, Senegal and Malaysia. Each trip I’m struck by how vulnerable these children are, how much they need our help and how beautiful all children are when they’re able to smile.

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My home is a reflection of my lifestyle and travels. I want it to be warm and welcoming, as I love to entertain, but comfortable because I’m raising kids and don’t want to live in a museum.

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Best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

My mother taught me that less is more. I remember coming downstairs when I was 16 with a beyond-full face of makeup. My mom marched me upstairs and introduced me to a lip and cheek color, a few dollops of baby oil on my high cheekbones and mascara. Finding what works on you without overpowering you has become my motto.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

This is a two-part answer. I’m raising a teenage daughter and I see how hard she is on herself. I want her to embrace her individual beauty and spend more time looking out in the world than looking in the mirror. There is no doubt in my mind that beauty is as beauty does, so I tell her true beauty comes from helping others.

On a practical level, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I wear sunscreen every day. I also made sure my two main face products (Luminizing Moisture Tint and Matte Moisture Tint, which I wear every day) contain SPF. It’s the key ingredient to keeping your skin youthful. That, and stay hydrated and get your beauty sleep!

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What’s your daily beauty routine?

I start with Jouer Daily Repair Treatment Oil, then I prime with Jouer’s Anti-Blemish Matte Primer because I’m lucky enough to battle blemishes and wrinkles! I apply a blend of Luminizing Moisture Tint and Matte Moisture Tint all over my face, then add Jouer’s Age-Repairing Perfector, in shade 4, wherever I have redness (chin, around the nose and under my eyes). If I have a blemish, I cover it with Jouer’s Anti-Blemish Treatment Concealer, which has salicylic acid to speed the healing. I dust Mattifying Powder Bronzer all over, add either Whisper Cheek Tint or Peach Bouquet blush, then line my eyes with Jouer’s eye crayon in either Venetian or Baroque and top it with a coat or two of mascara. I line my lips, throw on some lipstick and gloss. Though it may seem like a lot of steps, I like to keep my makeup pretty simple. The whole routine takes me less than 10 minutes.

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Which celebrity’s makeup are you crushing on right now?

There are so many true beauties out there, it’s hard to narrow down to just one. I recently found out that the gorgeous Olivia Culpo is a fan of Jouer. She’s totally my girl crush!


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Author: Carrie Waller

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  • Our wonderful friends at Pout in Columbia, SC introduced me to Jouer, and I have been a convert ever since! It is high performing and has a large range of gorgeous products in soft and beautiful color ways- plus it all snaps together! I’m such a big fan! (And love her home as well!)

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